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Declarations & Decrees: God’s Plan to Realign Nations

May 19, 2017: God’s plan to realign nations and push back the prince of Persia; we break the hold of the spirit of passivity; greater expression for prophets & evangelists. Continue reading →

Declarations & Decrees: Separation from Distractions

May 18, 2017: The consecrated ones are separating themselves from distractions; to focus on God’s move, not on the media; to undergird the prophetic forerunners in prayer. Continue reading →

Declarations & Decrees: It’s Time to Walk With God Daily

May 17, 2017: Declarations and Decrees: it’s time to walk with God daily into new power; the truth and life of God’s spoken word is overcoming death! Continue reading →

Declarations & Decrees: God Seen via Believers’ Lives

May 16, 2017: God will be seen through believers’ lives: in hardships and in purity; increased revelation in times spent in the quiet place; living with the LORD in the heavenly places. Continue reading →

Declarations & Decrees: Strength for Spiritual Parents

May 15, 2017: Strength for spiritual mothers & fathers, the leaders in this nation; increased humility within the body of believers; strength & prominence to believers & conservatives in media & business. Continue reading →

Declarations & Decrees: Your Access is Granted

May 14, 2017: Declarations and Decrees: your access is granted: the restrictions are falling away; open heavens: seeing with God’s eyes; God fights for you. Continue reading →

Declarations & Decrees: To be Renewed & Restored

May 13, 2017: Declarations & Decrees: you will be renewed & restored; you will walk in Heaven’s anointing & authority— the keys are yours; God is your strength and your song. Continue reading →

Declarations & Decrees: God Is Increasing Your Capacity!

May 11, 2017: God is increasing your capacity and enlarging your boundaries; it is time to walk through the door of greater glory; continued exposure of corruption within the government. Continue reading →

Declarations & Decrees: Restoration Is Yours

May 10, 2017: Declarations and Decrees: restoration is yours; enter a new realm of truth and revelation; multitudes will be drawn to you to be taught God’s truth. Continue reading →

Declarations & Decrees: the Earth & Its Rulers Are to Surrender

May 09, 2017: The earth and its rulers are to surrender to the LORD Most High; God is blowing away the chaff in the land; His showers of extravagant confirmation, blessing, provision and increase are upon you. Continue reading →

Declarations & Decrees: You are Shielded

May 08, 2017: You are shielded, lifted and lead by the glory of God; the U.S. Embassy will move to Jerusalem; to bind and nullify the spirit of lying in the land. Continue reading →

Declarations & Decrees: the Righteous of France

May 07, 2017: The righteous of France will reclaim the land; Overthrow of demonic spirit over North Korea leading to smooth transition of power; Believers to arise and move. Continue reading →

Declarations & Decrees: God’s Ways are Higher!

May 06, 2017: God’s ways are higher than ours; God remains united with His people even in the uncertain times; God draws us near to himself to remain in His Courts. Continue reading →

Declarations & Decrees of the Lord’s Guidance

May 05, 2017: The Lord’s guidance & protection: believer’s won’t be led astray; to stand to expose, unmask angelic deception; that old things are quitting, so God can bring in the new. Continue reading →

Declarations & Decrees to Stand in Confidence

May 04, 2017: Stand in confidence and boldness to take cities, regions and nations; unification of Korea under a peaceful and godly regime: protection and salvation; France to arise: salvation and hope for the people and land. Continue reading →

Declarations & Decrees that Evil be Exposed

May 03, 2017: Enemies and evil deeds are being exposed; people of North Korea delivered from the hand of the tyrant; God-given strategies for taking back the land. Continue reading →

Declarations & Decrees of the LORD’s Call!

May 02, 2017: Of the LORD’s call into the quite place; moving forth in power; the lost will be convinced of God’s love; leaders to grow in intimacy with God. Continue reading →

Declarations & Decrees of Godly Discernment

May 01, 2017: Godly discernment for government leaders & breaking of unholy alliances; Wisdom to deploy or withdraw troops; protection for all people in His shelter. Continue reading →

Declarations & Decrees to Encourage One Another

April 30, 2017: To encourage one another; live deeply rooted in Christ with faithfulness; embrace your authority as God’s anointed kings and priests. Continue reading →

Declarations & Decrees: Ruins are Being Restored

April 29, 2017: The ruins are being restored; kingdoms are being shaken and God’s servants are arising; restoration and multiplication of all that was lost or plundered. Continue reading →

Declarations & Decrees: God’s Justice Raises the Righteous

April 28, 2017: God’s justice raises up the righteous; Father is pleased with you, condemnation is not from above; break bonds of deception & release encouragement to the broken. Continue reading →

Declarations & Decrees to Possess the Land

April 27, 2017: The faithful will possess the land; God’s supernatural provision is in your midst; see with your spiritual eyes of faith: God’s army is with us. Continue reading →

Declarations and Decrees of Praise

April 26, 2017: Declarations & Decrees of praise for our God has triumphed; great cleansing & rooting out in the land: foundations cleansed & stabilized; the spirit of false accusation is broken! Continue reading →

Declarations & Decrees of God’s River of Restoration

April 25, 2017: Declarations & Decrees of God’s River of Restoration flowing over you; your rightful inheritance restored; new purpose, passion & mantle revealed. Continue reading →

Declarations & Decrees of a Greater Outpouring

April 24, 2017: A greater outpouring of God’s Authority & Light; unrelenting fires of heaven move swiftly; many being given keys and strategies to awaken and build God’s plan. Continue reading →

Declarations & Decrees to Live Boldly

April 23, 2017: Dream big; prepare to move into realms of increased influence and favor by dwelling in the secret place; consecration & purity before the LORD. Continue reading →

Declarations & Decrees to Cancel Attacks

April 22, 2017: To cancel all attacks against conservative voices and media; strength to the intercessors; the world will see God’s glory, mercy. Continue reading →

Declarations & Decrees of the Great I AM

April 21, 2017: Declarations & Decrees of the Great I AM: Forever the Same Yet Revealing More of Himself; Angels Guiding Us as We Transition Into New Paths; Enemies Are Falling Continue reading →

The Heavens Make Declarations Over You!

December 17, 2016: Beloved.  The Heavens are making declarations over you.  You have been redeemed from the curse of the law. Continue reading →

17 Prophetic Declarations to Make Right Now

October 21, 2016: There is power in making declarations and decrees over your life that will align you with God’s Word. Continue reading →

How to Write an Effective Prayer Declaration

May 01, 2016: The first thing one needs to understand about writing a decree, is the importance of truly understanding the Father’s heart. Continue reading →

The Power of the Decree

April 29, 2016: Scripture tells us our true identity lies in the knowledge that we are children of God. As sons and daughters of God, we also attain the status of an heir. Continue reading →

Decrees to Release Breakthrough, Revival & Reconciliation

February 23, 2016: God is doing AMAZING things in San Diego and has many people involved in worship, prayer, outreach and Holy Spirit is stirring things up in incredible ways! Continue reading →

Decrees to Dismantle Evil Altars

January 23, 2016: Where ever evil is worshiped, it grants the enemy a legal right in that place, establishing spiritual power, where sacrifices and covenants are made. Continue reading →

Make Decrees and Declarations!

January 01, 2016: So many people like to start the new year by making new resolutions which many times they fail to keep.  Continue reading →

Decrees to Overturn the New World Order

December 03, 2015: Ever wonder why it’s so hard to break through in prayer?  Why it’s so difficult to deliver truth to loved ones or recover your family out of the hands of evil? Continue reading →

Uprooting Stubborn Spirits

September 17, 2015: Some of you reading this have struggled and wrestled with God for what seems like your entire life, and you’re tired. Continue reading →

Prayer and Declarations for the U.S.A.

May 15, 2015: Join your prayer with others praying for healing for our nation for Divine intervention to hold the lines of our inheritance and secure our borders. Continue reading →

Prophetic Word: Expect Changes, Changes, Changes!

October 14, 2014: There is a major change for the good coming in 2015.  Expect repayment for the losses of the past. Continue reading →

The Father Says Today – August 2013

August 01, 2013: Prophets Russ & Kitty Walden comprise The Father’s Heart Ministry which aims to voice the Father’s heart to the nations via the “The Father Says Today.” Continue reading →

Prophetic Decrees for the Home and Family

January 21, 2013: Declarations and decrees start at home.  Here are a few to begin declaring over yourself and your family on a daily basis. Continue reading →

Prophetic Declarations of the Bride of Mashiach Yahushua

August 03, 2012: The Prophetic Declarations of the Bride of Mashiach Yahushua which comprise this article are specially crafted to transform believers into the Bride of Christ. Continue reading →

I Am an Extraordinary Person!

July 28, 2012: God made each one of us extraordinary people whether we know it or not: Read and understand why Christians are extraordinary and the blessings He has given! Continue reading →

Prophetic Prayers & Declarations for July 2012

July 21, 2012: Prophetic Prayers and Declaration for July 2012 seeking grace and favor in Yahushua’s name.  Continue reading →

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