A Chronological List of Declarations & Decrees

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Declarations & Decrees: God Goes Before Us

June 16, 2017:
Declarations & Decrees: God’s people are in awe of His grace — His increase is upon you; Seeking out the ancient wells; God is destroying the enemies of His people — ISIS is being blocked and exposed. Continue reading →

Declarations & Decrees: Protection

June 15, 2017:
Declarations and Decrees: Protection in your crossing into God’s promises; Call the ancient wells to open; Now is the harvest that you’ve been prepared for. Continue reading →

Declarations & Decrees: God’s Wrath on America’s Enemies

June 14, 2017:
God is pouring out His wrath on enemies of America and His people; The called-out ones will inherit the land; Strength and insight for President Trump’s family. Continue reading →

Declarations & Decrees: Limitless Expectations

June 13, 2017:
Limitless expectations: Place your confidence in God; God is preparing to establish his stations of light & refuge in this nation & world; President Trump takes charge in re-building this nation. Continue reading →

Declarations & Decrees: Evil is Being Removed

June 12, 2017:
Evil is being removed from the land: Anti-Christ will not be tolerated; Pray for the intercessors – their words direct the future of this nation; God is preparing His people for His new divine government authority. Continue reading →

Declarations & Decrees: Enemy Attacks

June 11, 2017:
Impassioned to throw off the disease & enemy who attacks the body; Bind all attempts of media to silence Trump and his supporters; To listen & focus: God is shifting & raising up His faithful ones. Continue reading →

Declarations & Decrees: President Trump

June 10, 2017:
President Trump will continue obedient & focused in completing God’s work; Discern the hearts of those in the assemblies and on the streets; empowerment and refreshing to the prophets & intercessors on the front line. Continue reading →

Declarations & Decrees: Finances Loosed!

June 09, 2017:
Finances loosed: Bringing freedom to servants of God; God’s glory and strength is ushering you into your destiny; Revival of God’s love: loving the unlovable. Continue reading →

Declarations & Decrees: Give the LORD your All

June 08, 2017:
Declarations and Decrees: Give the LORD your all: You and your lands will prosper; Expose and destroy the spirit of python; Respect and support God’s anointed. Continue reading →

Prayer to Overcome the Lying Spirit

June 08, 2017:
I take authority over that lying spirit that has lied to you telling you that you need man’s approval and acceptance for the call to which God has called you! Continue reading →

Declarations & Decrees: The UK & The USA

June 07, 2017:
United Kingdom is being revived & restored; United States is coming into greater alignment with God’s plan; Strength & protection for the intercessors & watchmen on the walls. Continue reading →

Declarations & Decrees: President Trump & Israel

June 06, 2017:
President Trump increases in God-given authority & wisdom; Media transitions to godly news as false news reporters are removed; God’s agenda for U.S. – Israel relations. Continue reading →

Declarations & Decrees: God Hears Prayers!

June 05, 2017:
God hears the prayers of the intercessors and sends His answer; President Trump to stand strong in the Will of the LORD; Purity is being restored to the land, the fire of God is setting the nation apart. Continue reading →

Declarations & Decrees: On Earth as in Heaven!

June 04, 2017:
On earth as it is in heaven; Freedom/ glory stations to rise up across Germany (Deutschland) and Europe; The spirit of Leviathan is beheaded and dismembered. Continue reading →

Declarations & Decrees: Discernment Guidance

June 03, 2017:
Discernment guidance to clean out government leaks; Strength to the believers in Britain UK— you are the rudder; Restoration to Germany— believers stand strong! Continue reading →

Declarations & Decrees: Holy Spirit Fire Cover America

June 02, 2017:
Holy Spirit Fire cover USA, purify & fill with holy passion; Fire & Spirit of Awakening over Germany to unite; Strength from dwelling in the LORD’s presence. Continue reading →

Declarations & Decrees: Protection over President Trump

June 01, 2017:
Protection over President Trump, family & administration; Conviction as the Fire of God falls upon reporters of false news; The LORD is taking you to a place the naysayers will never know! Continue reading →

Declarations & Decrees: God’s Fire!

May 31, 2017:
God’s Fire will reveal things hidden; Believers will take their place in the room of future’s past to change the future; God is committed to His children who carry out his will; Don’t be distracted by the enemy’s traps. Continue reading →

Declarations & Decrees: New Strategies From Heaven

May 30, 2017:
Declarations and Decrees: New strategies from Heaven; Renewed power of Holy Spirit for the days ahead; Your heart’s cry is to serve God – He is sending you out! Continue reading →

Declarations & Decrees: God’s Outpouring

May 29, 2017:
God’s outpouring to connect the ages– the synergy of the ages; Increase and restoration are yours; The enemy is being destroyed; The Sword is released in the terrorist’s camps. Continue reading →

Declarations & Decrees: Prepare for the Days to Come

May 28, 2017:
Declarations and decrees: Prepare for the days to come — walk close to me; Share My love to the ends of the earth; Guidance for the government and all leaders. Continue reading →

Declarations & Decrees: You Are Overcomers!

May 27, 2017:
You are overcomers, do not be anxious; God protects His faithful servants: warriors, intercessors, watchmen on the wall; Cover & protection for President Trump, family & team as they travel abroad & at home. Continue reading →

Declarations & Decrees: The UK Will Arise!

May 26, 2017:
The UK will arise & shine as the spirit of terror is driven out; Body of believers growing in meekness: strength under control; As unity increases, a new prophetic sound & movement will come. Continue reading →

Declarations & Decrees: The President Finds Joy

May 25, 2017:
The President finds joy in God’s strength & salvation; God’s chosen ones are focusing on the goal, increasing in godly wisdom & insight, as the enemies are exposed; your endurance is increasing as you dwell in his presence. Continue reading →

Declarations & Decrees: Be Strengthened!

May 24, 2017:
Be strengthened as you sit at the Master’s feet; God is glorified, as we take authority over all powers of darkness; Believers rise to high positions in the earth, unseating the lost. Continue reading →

Declarations and Decrees: Consecrate Yourselves!

May 23, 2017:
Your enemy is becoming your sustenance; Consecrate yourselves because the LORD walks in your midst; Strength to the persecuted and salvation to the persecutor. Continue reading →

Declarations & Decrees: Justice for Believers

May 22, 2017:
Justice is manifesting for the believers; God is pouring out the prayers of the saints—driving back the evil one; You are meant to be the answer! Continue reading →

Declarations and Decrees: The President Will Stand!

May 21, 2017:
Declarations & Decrees: The President will stand after opponents fall; Believers will be cautious of wolves in sheep’s clothing; Receive complete healing. Continue reading →

Declarations & Decrees: God is Restoring Missing Pieces

May 20, 2017:
God is restoring missing pieces: Integrity to our government & land; God’s reformers are entering new territories; Look to God: you are surrounded by His Angel Army, His goodness! Continue reading →

Declarations & Decrees: God’s Plan to Realign Nations

May 19, 2017:
God’s plan to realign nations and push back the prince of Persia; we break the hold of the spirit of passivity; greater expression for prophets & evangelists. Continue reading →

Declarations & Decrees: Separation from Distractions

May 18, 2017:
The consecrated ones are separating themselves from distractions; to focus on God’s move, not on the media; to undergird the prophetic forerunners in prayer. Continue reading →

Declarations & Decrees: It’s Time to Walk With God Daily

May 17, 2017:
Declarations and Decrees: it’s time to walk with God daily into new power; the truth and life of God’s spoken word is overcoming death! Continue reading →

Declarations & Decrees: God Seen via Believers’ Lives

May 16, 2017:
God will be seen through believers’ lives: in hardships and in purity; increased revelation in times spent in the quiet place; living with the LORD in the heavenly places. Continue reading →

Declarations & Decrees: Strength for Spiritual Parents

May 15, 2017:
Strength for spiritual mothers & fathers, the leaders in this nation; increased humility within the body of believers; strength & prominence to believers & conservatives in media & business. Continue reading →

Declarations & Decrees: Your Access is Granted

May 14, 2017:
Declarations and Decrees: your access is granted: the restrictions are falling away; open heavens: seeing with God’s eyes; God fights for you. Continue reading →

Declarations & Decrees: To be Renewed & Restored

May 13, 2017:
Declarations & Decrees: you will be renewed & restored; you will walk in Heaven’s anointing & authority— the keys are yours; God is your strength and your song. Continue reading →

Declarations & Decrees: God Is Increasing Your Capacity!

May 11, 2017:
God is increasing your capacity and enlarging your boundaries; it is time to walk through the door of greater glory; continued exposure of corruption within the government. Continue reading →

Declarations & Decrees: Restoration Is Yours

May 10, 2017:
Declarations and Decrees: restoration is yours; enter a new realm of truth and revelation; multitudes will be drawn to you to be taught God’s truth. Continue reading →

Declarations & Decrees: the Earth & Its Rulers Are to Surrender

May 09, 2017:
The earth and its rulers are to surrender to the LORD Most High; God is blowing away the chaff in the land; His showers of extravagant confirmation, blessing, provision and increase are upon you. Continue reading →

Declarations & Decrees: You are Shielded

May 08, 2017:
You are shielded, lifted and lead by the glory of God; the U.S. Embassy will move to Jerusalem; to bind and nullify the spirit of lying in the land. Continue reading →

Declarations & Decrees: the Righteous of France

May 07, 2017:
The righteous of France will reclaim the land; Overthrow of demonic spirit over North Korea leading to smooth transition of power; Believers to arise and move. Continue reading →

Declarations & Decrees: God’s Ways are Higher!

May 06, 2017:
God’s ways are higher than ours; God remains united with His people even in the uncertain times; God draws us near to himself to remain in His Courts. Continue reading →

Declarations & Decrees of the Lord’s Guidance

May 05, 2017:
The Lord’s guidance & protection: believer’s won’t be led astray; to stand to expose, unmask angelic deception; that old things are quitting, so God can bring in the new. Continue reading →

Declarations & Decrees to Stand in Confidence

May 04, 2017:
Stand in confidence and boldness to take cities, regions and nations; unification of Korea under a peaceful and godly regime: protection and salvation; France to arise: salvation and hope for the people and land. Continue reading →

Declarations & Decrees that Evil be Exposed

May 03, 2017:
Enemies and evil deeds are being exposed; people of North Korea delivered from the hand of the tyrant; God-given strategies for taking back the land. Continue reading →

Declarations & Decrees of the LORD’s Call!

May 02, 2017:
Of the LORD’s call into the quite place; moving forth in power; the lost will be convinced of God’s love; leaders to grow in intimacy with God. Continue reading →

Declarations & Decrees of Godly Discernment

May 01, 2017:
Godly discernment for government leaders & breaking of unholy alliances; Wisdom to deploy or withdraw troops; protection for all people in His shelter. Continue reading →

Declarations & Decrees to Encourage One Another

April 30, 2017:
To encourage one another; live deeply rooted in Christ with faithfulness; embrace your authority as God’s anointed kings and priests. Continue reading →

Declarations & Decrees: Ruins are Being Restored

April 29, 2017:
The ruins are being restored; kingdoms are being shaken and God’s servants are arising; restoration and multiplication of all that was lost or plundered. Continue reading →

Declarations & Decrees: God’s Justice Raises the Righteous

April 28, 2017:
God’s justice raises up the righteous; Father is pleased with you, condemnation is not from above; break bonds of deception & release encouragement to the broken. Continue reading →

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