Declarations Overcoming the Serpent Spirit


Warning!  “I see the subtlety of the serpent spirit working in this hour”

“Now the serpent was more subtle than any beast of the field which the LORD God had made,”   Genesis 3:1.

As I was worshipping early this morning, I was suddenly made acutely aware of the subtle workings of the serpent spirit in this hour.

I saw and heard his whisperings in the ears of many in the Body of Christ, and like deadly venom, I watched as the power of his deceiving and defeating words first penetrated their minds, then their hearts, which then influenced there actions.

I watched as many were quickly overcome and overwhelmed by the power of the serpents deadly venom, deep despair and discouragement seemed to quickly over power many causing their faith to become weak, ineffective and impotent.

I watched as the subtle workings and whisperings of the serpent spirit crossed over every boundary.  I saw his deadly venom filtrate every area of their thoughts, actions and attitudes.

The serpent spirit whispered accusation after accusation, causing many to walk in guilt and condemnation.  Many lost their insight and direction, while others lost their focus on God’s promises, plans and purposes for their lives.

I watched as the subtle workings of the enemy suffocated and stifled all their joy, peace and expectation for the future that God had prepared and predestined for them.

Listen, satan’s goal and agenda is to banish peace from one’s heart, because he knows that God abides in peace and it is in peace that he can accomplish great and mighty things in and through our lives.

Today, be aware of the subtle workings and whisperings of the serpent spirit.  Satan is the accuser and he comes to rob, steal and destroy.  He comes to derail, distract and redirect our steps from the path that leads to life, abundance and victory.

Refuse to listen to his voice, resist the lies and accusations, rebuke the powers of darkness and renounce the influence of the serpents power and authority over your thoughts, heart and actions.

“Return to sender and be realigned with life, liberty and victory!”

Declare with me, “No weapon formed against me shall prosper, and every tongue which rises up against me in judgment shall be condemned.”  This is my inheritance in the LORD.

I Declare:   The power of every negative word, ungodly vow and agreement that I may have made with the voice of the enemy, is now being reversed, broken and rendered powerless and impotent.

  • I repent for accepting anything less than God’s best for my life and the lives of my family and my future.
  • I repent for those silently or spoken agreements I may have made with the voice of accusation, condemnation and guilt.

I Decree:   I am forgiven and free!

I Declare:   The power of every negative word spoken by others over me or my family is now broken, healed and fully restored.
I reject and renounce the power that has come through the spirit of fear and torment.
All anger, criticism, offence, envy, jealousy, unforgiveness and bitterness is now under the redeeming blood of the lamb.
By faith, I cut off the source of every unrighteous root in my life, in my family, marriage, ministry and business.

I Declare:   The power of every false prophetic word and spiritual prediction is now being broken over my life and my Kingdom destiny.

I Declare:   Every power of wickedness and darkness that has come through doctors, ministers, pastors, teachers, friends, family, government and authority figures is now being broken and rendered powerless in my life.

I Declare:   Every area of my life is being realigned, reordered and restored in Jesus mighty name.

I Declare:   The power of every occult practice is now being broken over my generational line.  I will no longer be subject to the curses, spells, magic and works of witchcraft that have robbed me of enjoying the fullness of God’s abundance, increase, favour and blessing.

I Renounce:  The effects of poverty, lack and subtraction from my life.

I Declare:   I am blessed, highly favoured and walking in increase, abundance and great victory.

I Declare:   Doors of decrease have been shut closed and doors of increase are now opening.

I Declare:   Faith is rising and expectation is growing.  I apply the blood of Jesus to every doorway in my life, warring angels are standing guard to protect and preserve every area of my life and kingdom destiny.

I Declare:   Every weapon of witchcraft and stronghold of satan is now being dismantled and destroyed in the mighty name of Jesus.

I Declare:   Every false foundation and label of shame, insecurity, inferiority, fear, failure, unworthiness, rejection, disappointment and being undeserving is now being removed and replaced with unconditional acceptance and love.
My name is worthiness, faithful, peace loving, beautiful, excellence, chosen, anointed, appointed, son, daughter, king, high priest and royalty.

I Declare:   Faith, peace, hope, joy, love, confidence and assurance in the power of the blood of LORD Jesus Christ which has healed, restored and reignited my heart and mind.
I belong to him!  My life has been paid for in full, satan has no legal rights here, this is holy ground.

I Declare:   Freedom from every weapon that is formed against me, every chain that has held me captive is now being broken, every heavy yoke is being lifted, every word curse is being reversed, every ungodly label is being removed, every garment of heaviness is being replaced with new garments of joy, peace and victory in Jesus’ mighty name.


Blessings to you all.
~ by Veronika West

Veronika West Veronika West



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  1. Wonderful to have these prayers to defeat the enemy of our salvation.  Praised be Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior..God bless and love you and yours…+