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Deliverance from Incubus, Succubus, Lust and Perverse Spirits — 7 Comments

  1. Im in awe of how you’ve explained everything to the T. I thank the Holy Spirit who lives in you and who’s revealed this to you and for us. May He do more.

  2. 6or8 years ago I never would have believed in these demons. But I’ve experienced them several times. They are 100% real. But I never thought about some of the things that they are capable of until I read your artical. Every word you said is true. But for me,the experience I’ve had with them is that it only put me closer to GOD. EVEN though IM A SINNER THE FIRST THING I TURNED TO FOR HELP WAS THE BIBLE AND JESUS. THANK YOU JESUS! THANK YOU LORD! AMEN!

  3. Do you have any similar articles written about NARCISSISM? If so, I would so much appreciate you sending me the link.
    Thank you so much.  This article was fantastic!

  4. Please can you help me,I have been under attack from a sexual demon for several years. My church have done deliverance but they seem to have given up. I have said the prayers you have posted, nothing seems to make any difference, I am at the end of my tether, I really don’t know what to do.

  5. I am from India my home town is in tamilnadu at Coimbatore I was totally affected because of this spirits for the past 17 .now I was married to a pastor daughter.my wife name is sarah and we have a kid and this was a miracle done by our god but because of my unholyness many misundrstanding and confusions are going for the past 3 years.God has a purpose in my life I want to work for his kingdom but I couldn’t control my lust and also there is no personal relations ship between me and my wife for the past 2 years and manytimes I could feel that incubas spirit is trying to have a intercourse with me so pls pray I need deliverance I believe that God will set me free pls take this matter very seriously my no is [redacted] I am living in Coimbatore .

  6. Does the above article come from your book “Healing the Heart of a Woman? This used to be a part of my life also. And as I work with others I sense it is a part of many peoples lives.
    I would like to have excess to these words to help bring healing to others.
    Can I purchase a book with this in it? Can I copy portions of the book to give to certain people?
    Do you do trainings?
    Thanks Ted

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