Prayer to Be Healed from Sexual Molestation — 5 Comments

  1. Me too.  I think just hold on and stay strong.  God testing our faith.  I have had this same spirit attack me for 3 or 4 weeks.  I gave up porn and as soon as I gave that up I noticed it attack me.  Michelle please email me [redacted].  it would bring me comfort to talk to someone going through same thing.  It’s so hard bc I can’t give in to spirit yet I also am single.  So I am basically stuck.  Can’t have any sexual release.  Torture.  And it’s made me a nervous wreck bc it shakes me constantly.  Like it’s trying to beat me up lol

  2. Hi Laura

    The prayer above has been a blessing and I looked up others prayer on your site today and said many of them with much crying.

    • I have said these prayers, twice with other people, and several times by myself, and have asked God to deliver me, and I have both forgiven and asked for forgiveness, but I am still being harassed by some of these spirits. What else am I needing to do?

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