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Prayer to Be Healed from Sexual Molestation — 6 Comments

  1. I feel as if my mother did something strange to me. I remember rocking on the chair with her and she would tickle my body. I feel that something sexual took place. I know I would masturbate frequently as a child. I wonder if I was fondled by her. I can’t get free of a fear and I am tired of this fear. I have had deliverances but nothing re: this. I am not even sure it really happened. Please pray for me. I am leery about telling my church. I have a fear that is still consuming me! Please advise. God bless!❤️

  2. Me too.  I think just hold on and stay strong.  God testing our faith.  I have had this same spirit attack me for 3 or 4 weeks.  I gave up porn and as soon as I gave that up I noticed it attack me.  Michelle please email me [redacted].  it would bring me comfort to talk to someone going through same thing.  It’s so hard bc I can’t give in to spirit yet I also am single.  So I am basically stuck.  Can’t have any sexual release.  Torture.  And it’s made me a nervous wreck bc it shakes me constantly.  Like it’s trying to beat me up lol

  3. Thank you so much for this. May the Good Lord bless you immensely.  This prayer and more have been of great help. Thank you.

  4. Hi Laura

    The prayer above has been a blessing and I looked up others prayer on your site today and said many of them with much crying.

    • I have said these prayers, twice with other people, and several times by myself, and have asked God to deliver me, and I have both forgiven and asked for forgiveness, but I am still being harassed by some of these spirits. What else am I needing to do?

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