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Deliverance Grace Vs. Sustaining Grace — 8 Comments

  1. Fear is the main tool Satan uses to make us look down on our sovereign Lord Jesus Christ & accuse him. Satan also uses fear to keep us ensnared & loss our God given promises. I know this satanic tricks & I always ask God to give me the Grace to faith more, be focused on His words any time & be bold even in the face of fierce persecutions

  2. I heard once that courage is not being without fear, but courage is acting in spite of fear.
    I’ve battled this spirit all my life as a result of a horribly abusive upbringing, as well as many poor choices. But the Lord gave me a couple of very encouraging dreams. In one I was being chased by a mob of men and a wild Ox, but suddenly I stopped running and turned to face them. When I did the wild Ox immediately made a beline around me and turned around and ran instead after the men…:D
    I remember thinking “If I die I die,” and the fear just left!!
    God bless you Veronika, thank you for sharing.

  3. A perfect book for this subject is “Hinds Feet on High Places”. A great allegory about overcoming fear and turning it into Grace and Glory! It’s a journey and it’s difficult at times but so worth the transformation that God brings when you surrender your all to Him!

  4. Praise God! Amen! This word and message, lines up so perfectly! It makes so much sense, similar to a key to a door of understanding, something that many do not really think on or about, but fear has and is ruining many lives, our walk in Jesus Christ, from believing the lies of the enemy, which gives the adversary unintentional praise, which all belong to God our heavenly Father, Who is in heaven.

    It is a matter of reprogramming our thinking, in addition to reading God’s Word throughout the day, coming into full agreement with His Word, allowing it to find, saturating our heart. God bless you, Sister Veronika West!️❤️

  5. Dearest Veronika!
    I have not read anything so very true and personally targeted in quite a while. This posting is an ocean of truth. I refuse to live in fear, and although I know better, I let myself down. Bless you!

  6. The LORD bless you and keep you! The LORD shine His Face on and give you His Peace!

    THANK YOU for sharing|!!\

    Shalom Aleichem!

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