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Deliverance Ministry in 2022 — 6 Comments

  1. The Lord has prepared me for years in deliverance.  Without my own deliverance I was severe MPD.  I’m free and ready for what God has prepared me for in these last days. Thank you Chris for speaking what is on Gods heart.

  2. Yes Chris this is definitely needed. Clear, uncomplicated how to do training that keeps people safe. It should be very much a part of walking in our authority as believers, yet very few of us have been given any training in this area. We look forward to your training manual!

  3. Yes yes yes!  Last night at a gathering of my church a former missionary and I were sitting and she shared a heartache from her week.  This was odd as we really don’t know each other well yet.  She then described an extended family member, a Christian, who was having personal issues that culminated in a call from the police.  I offered to pray deliverance over the relative, and explained how she should follow up with her family member.  Here is the odd thing.  We belong to a Baptist church.  NO ONE will talk about these things, but eyes are being opened.  I have been praying deliverance over my entire congregation and am seeing more and more evidence that this congregation will open their eyes.  I saw no religious spirit well up in the missionary to tell me I was crazy, and she even admitted the inlaw had generational strongholds.  God led me to the sources to learn this warfare and then proved to me its effect.  I have felt rage toward the demonic powers holding believers and unbelievers alike hostage.  I even was able to self deliver from a stronghold decades long in its grip. I praise God for this gift from Mark 16.  I am still praying for the gift of healing others through laying on of hands.  I hate seeing Christians limping around, suffering disease, etc. Christ paid the price for our freedom from these things. May the Lord strengthen us to bear the weight of greater Glory!

    • May God empower you rsg with more anointing. Now, even parents & everyone of us believer must rise up to ask for more Grace to equip us & pray for deliverances, healings e.t.c of our families & others from satanic strongholds & not necessarily waiting for our pastors/prophets, healers, the Church to do everything for us. Thanks

  4. To Brother Chris G. Bennet.  Sir, Not quiet long I posted some words to a prophetess here suggesting her input on what I felt in my spirit.  I mentioned 3 different categories of people here in America: those who are truly ignorant of the Bible as Right from the womb were never told about God & Jesus Christ; those who are very hardened, brainwashed by Satan that what they are doing is the right thing & its freedom & Lastly, people who are not ignorant of the Bible but take lightly the warnings of God & severity of the punishment of their evils. I closed my statement by saying we (pastors, evangelists, healers, teachers, parents, apostles, prophets e.t.c) all have works to do here to deliver precious souls from hell. Then some hours later I came across your article. This is a confirmed prophetic words Sir. Thanks & God Bless you

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