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7 Years of Plenty, and 7 Years of Famine — 3 Comments

  1. The “Last Blood Moon” was September 28th 2015, a Super Blood Moon, the last blood moon of the tetrad and not the 9th Sep which you say (maybe a typo as Sep is the 9th month).
    This means the 7 years lands directly on the last day of the Feast of Trumpets, 27/9/2022.
    The 27th Sep is linked numerically with Trump (and his wife) and all that is happening to him. I have a couple of pages of data on all this.

  2. The Holy Spirit has been waking me up during the night,and giving me Revelations , not dreams or visions! What you have been saying confirms all He gives me first in the Natural , then in the Spiritual. Confirmed by 1Corintnians 15:46 And in Hebrews 9:10 or 10:9?

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