Dependence! YES, Dependence!


My relationship with Jesus isn’t co-dependence or interdependency but utter dependence.

He is God with or without me.

His identity isn’t tied to me but my identity comes from Him.  He is on His throne with or without me but I cannot even enter His Kingdom without Him.

My hands do little to promote healing but His hands touching through me performs miracles.

I could go on but it is all repetitious.  The bottom line is that when it comes to pursuing Jesus it helps to remember what’s at stake.

What’s more, while He does not need me, He wants me.

Although my requests to Him can be childish, He listens and cares.  When I have a great need He cares. He never leaves or forsakes me.

If you want to find the unselfish love it is the one who gives with nothing to gain in return.

That describes my Jesus!


~ Mitch Salmon

Mitch SalmonMitch Salmon fisher of men iconis the founder of Fisher of Men Productions and  a follower of Jesus Christ and proclaimer of the Good News – The Gospel of Christ Jesus!

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