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  1. The Lord told me in 2009 there was coming a revival which would exceed the Book of Acts. I published it with other words under another name. I’m not trying to sell the book. God’s Word is true in all its detail. I don’t claim total understanding, but we must take it (Him) by faith! Get set. Great things are coming. My wife and I have done foreign missions and were told by the (real) FBI that potential killers were seeking our names and address. This is part of the reason I avoid using my birth name. May God continue to call out His Army!

  2. Amen! I had the following word in April 2017 and it seems it’s fulfillment is now:
    Desperation will grip the world and I am preparing shining ones who will take my light to the nations, to the cities, to their streets and proclaim that “Jesus is the Light of the World” and they will show it with signs and wonders.

  3. Thank you for this word.Trump Prophecies first opened my eyes to the mighty work God is now doing through our president Donald J, Trump.

  4. Amen!  It is time for the demise of the corrupt church system that presents a false or diluted gospel which appeals to the flesh of man in order to receive the acclaim of people rather than that of God.  It is also time for judgement to be meted out on the corrupt governmental rulers in all nations who are trying to sell their people over to a satanic global system for personal gain and protection.

  5. This is so right on people! Get on that war horse and ride! Pray, encourage others, get in the Army of God and fight, fight, fight!!!! With Jesus as Commander in chief we won! Understand this is a done deal !!! So fight to make it manifest! Pray, get the word out AND DO NOT BE A WUSS!!!!

    • Yes! May the false ones be exposed and not post anymore. Some who post here, post opposing words to some others.  They can’t both be right. May the Word of the Lord shine forth and expose any that are false.

  6. Amen. The knowledge of The Glory of The Lord shall cover the earth even as the waters cover the sea. The Mountain of The House Of The Lord shall be established upon the mountains and nations shall flow in to learn of The God of Israel. Amen

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