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Discernment verses Perception — 3 Comments

  1. WOW,thanking God for this author and the the obedience to Him in receiving this word of understanding. This is an absolute blessing.Spoke to many thing I’ve been experiencing in this season. Talk about the refreshing of a Rhema word in season . Thank you and God’s continued blessings poured out to you. Peace to the Saint of God. The Lord Jesus keep you anchored in his word,secure in his love and sealed unto the day of redemption. In Jesus name. Amen

  2. Hello. I have really enjoyed your passage so far anf I’m only in the first one lol God has blessed me discernment and when you said revelation it got me excited I actually have been calling it enlightenment. Tbc.

  3. Precious sister!

    I thank God for that He through you confirms what He has revealed to me.
    The difference between the darkness and the light will be more and more obvious from day to day until the separation is finished and His Word is fulfilled.
    He declares the end from the beginning.
    “and darkness was upon the face of the deep and God divided the light from the darkness,” Genesis 1:2-4.

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