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Do Not Be Afraid! His Glory Has Already Covered You! — 2 Comments

  1. Amen brother. Thank you for sharing this. So hard and difficult, but very necessary for the Times ahead!

    Just a added note. Two Greek words for “patience”,(G5281, G5278) are a combination of two Greek words Hupo G5259 that means “Under” and G3306 “Meno” meaning “remain, abide, stay”. Remaining, abiding, staying, Under, i.e. Christ, i.e. as The Body is in Relation to The Head. Another Greek word that carries a similar idea is Hupakoa G5218. It’s meaning is “obedience, submission”. This is another combo Greek word using Hupo and G191 “Akouo” to hear, i.e. “to listen and acting in obedience to what is heard (like Hebrew Shama) and Under. This word Hupakoa is used in Heb 5:8, speaking of The Son of God, “learning obedience”.
    When we listen under in submission and obedience, we patiently endure, for Faith comes out of HEARING, and HEARING through The Christ (TR/KJV uses Theos) Rhema. Romans 10:17, Romans 5:1-5

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