Do NOT Disqualify Yourself!


I hear the Spirit say, “Many of My sons and daughters have disqualified themselves from walking in the power and manifestations of My Glorious Gifts, because they have rather chosen to listen to the voice of Rejection and they have eaten of the fruit of Insecurity and Inferiority.”

He says, “My Beloved, It is Not by might, nor by Power but by My Spirit.

It is the Empowering Spirit of My Grace that enables and equips you.  It is the Empowering Spirit of My Grace that gives you Heavens seal and stamp of Approval.

YES, My Righteousness gives you Permission and full Authority in Heaven and on Earth.

Yes My Child, it is only the Power of My Unmerited Favour that has qualified you to accomplish even Greater things in My Name”.

Father says, “In the School of My Spirit you have been enrolled as Partakers and Stewards of My Power and Glory.

I have not Anointed you to be mere Spectators but faithful partakers of My Riches in Glory.  Surely I have Called you by Name.  I have handpicked you, I have given you top marks and a top position on the Honour Roll in the Gifts of My Spirit”..!

God says, “LOOK BELOVED, I AM even now removing the labels that have excluded you and disqualified you.

I AM breaking you free from the power of every word curse making its effect null and void in your life.

See and whereby through Doubt and Unbelief you have walked away from what is rightfully yours through Inheritance, even now I AM RELEASING YOU AND RENEWING YOUR MINDSETS,”  says God.

“I AM Awakening the seed of True Sonship and Kingdom Significance within you.  I AM recommissioning you into the fullness of Purpose, Joy, and Possibility”, says God.

“And where there is a graduation in the realms of the spirit, I AM taking you higher and taking you deeper, revealing and unrolling the scrolls of deeper revelation and the mysteries of My Glory.

Come Now, Step into your rightful place as True Sons and Daughters,”  says God.


Blessings to you all.
~ by Veronika West

Veronika West Veronika West



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