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  1. I have seen a couple of your posts that said the enemy has stolen 28 years and it caught my attention. That is how long I have been married and in that time the enemy has tried to take our very lives, hope, peace, home and financial blessing, and now kill our marriage and unity of our family by addiction, oppression and other demonic mind binding manipulation. It has been an all out war and I cant help sensing that there is something the enemy is desperately trying to prevent that our union would cause in a threat to his kingdom. Why else would we have had such terrible unrelenting attacks? My husband is a missionarys grandkid and from an early age desired to walk in his shoes in ministry and we met at Bible college but he seems farther from God and me than ever, running after another woman and the worldly lifestyle. Can you tell me where/how you heard that number and is there any other revelation or word of knowledge or personal prophecy you can give me on this? I am fasting and praying deliverance prayers over us and our family lines doing all I can in the spirit to fight for my husbands very life and soul and our marriage restored.  Thanks so much.

  2. Yes, Joyce!  When He had me read about David & Absalom yesterday, I had a hard time putting it down too! So many things popped up in front of me I didnt recall from reading before. LOVE HOW GOD DOES THAT!

    Definitely any worship or idolatry of Trump has to stop.  I hope people get the message!

    Thanks so much for responding! God Bless you! Bev

  3. Our God is a jealous God! He hates idolatry of any kind or form. May we all humble ourselves to give God all the praises, honor & worship that belong to His alone as He will never share his Glory with any man. May God hasten his words to perform it. Thanks for sharing woman of God.

    • Adams, so true are the words you spoke.  GOD IS VERY JEALOUS & deals with those in idolatry. Thank you so much for responding & your words of encouragement! God Bless You! Bev

      • I appreciate your labour of love for the body of Christ. May God uphold, shield & bestow on you more Anointing. Thank you once more your time to reply me despite your tight schedules God’ servant, Beverly.

        • Adams, On my! I certainly didnt expect so much kindness. God Bless you! Thank you for your kind words & prayers.  May God double it all back to you. Blessings! Bev

          • I say Amen & Amen to your prayers God’s vessel, Beverly. God’s blessings on you, family, ministry & all that concerns you in Jesus name. Thank you once more.

  4. President Trump Gods David for the USA is waiting for God to seat Him in the seat God made available for Him, just like Derrick Sloan Gods David for CANADA is going to be seated in the seat God makes available for Him. God is done dealing with the Sauls and for the church, God wants to be among HIS people working for and with them, He needs the mobile willing temples to be out among the people being the chariot the Lord the willing vessel God confirming His word with signs following

  5. Thank you Bev! Glory bumps. Yesterday the Lord had me reading on and on about King David, what happened to Tamar and about Absalom. I couldn’t get enough of reading the chapters.
    Then as I went to bed, I found a older movie about it and watched. (Except I would doze off, haha and get started again. My body was tired)

    My heart was so grieved with all King David suffered when he came back because of his sin, although it was forgiven. That is what I saw is too many began to idolize and make a god out of Donald Trump.

    The idolatry has to stop! Let us all take heed to our ways, starting right here. I love you sis

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