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Now Is the Time for Preparation — 3 Comments

  1. Stephen, I keep feeling to come back to your article and hold your hands up, my brother. A lot of what you post is what the Lord has shown me also.

    You can view in some of my articles of warnings to Prepare. One is about the True flag of Glory only will now Wave. The Lord wasn’t speaking of an American flag either!

    You bring some things out plainly.

    I believe the “REMNANT” is what is arising and standing! The Remnant true church will face off with the Pharisical false baal system.

    So many have looked for a political platform to save us in this country. It has never been my position to debate politics on here. Still, no matter if Donald Trump returns, ( I believe and hope so) We must once and for all not see him as a Savior any longer!! It turned into idolatry.

    Sometimes I believe we are getting only a short reprieve. Still the forces of darkness will not be pushed back much longer! I agree and stand with you on this note. Our Lord is returning and this world will be burnt with fire just as His Holy Word says!
    God bless, Joyce

  2. Confirmation: Something strange: Until 3 PM today this is the 3rd time I read about the 4 corners and GOD’s angels…It truly must be “around the corner”. Absolutely stunning: While typing these few words, a ship on Lake Zurich blows it’s horn far and wide to hear for all. Though it is officially forbidden to do so, the signals are increasing.

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