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‘Do Not to Fear’, Says the LORD! — 4 Comments

  1. The Words from the LORD that you give are always such a comfort. A fresh shower over the spirit, soul and body..Praise the LORD for the giftings and words He has given to you.

  2. Praise the Lord and God Bless, Dr. Sheltrown Reinke! A True Pastor and woman of God! I receive the message shared in this post, as it is a blessing to read and to embrace the facts, nothing watered down to sweetened the words, soothing to the ears of those not desiring to hear God’s Whole Truth. I am guilty of not fully trusting God at times,not because I don’t desire, but having to realize this our Lord who gave King David the Strength to slay Goliath, who was in the fiery furnace with Hebrew boys, the same who empowered Samson to take out armies with no problem. As I read and embrace these type of post, I am accepting the facts, that He is the Great I Am, who never sleeps, Always watching, All Powerful, All Knowing, Cannot and Will not be stopped or slowed down! The Self-Existent Holy One! To God be All the Glory!

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