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  1. Jim, I agree. And the Lord has spoken to me on this. The Lord took me up in a vision. In this vision, I was talking with a friend of mine.  Everything was going well.  Until my friend got up and walked across the room from me.  I was horrified to see the gaping wound in their back.  It was hard for me to believe that my friend was still alive.  It was hard to believe that their organs were still in their body.

    Then the Lord spoke to me.  He said, “The doctors can do their very best, and it is still barbaric in comparison to My skills.  I can heal something and leave no scars, and give perfect health with no side effects.”

  2. Amen!
    I use to proclaim and meditate at ‘healing scriptures’

    The healing Word of God is the truth. The sick lie of satan is not.

  3. Actually paul stated the reason many where sick. This does not require oil but repentance.
    We also see in the original language an aspect of chastening as mercy
    1 cor 11 30For this cause many [are] weak and sickly among
    you, and many sleep. 31For if we would judge ourselves, we should not be judged. 32But when we are judged, we are chastened of the Lord, that we should not be condemned with the world. For a few an act of mercy which means teaching on repentance is valid if they judged themselves and repented they may have been allowed to live out their life….So now we can understand why youngs translation is probably very very accurate- lay hands speedily on no man lest ye share in his sin. Many will say Lord Lord having done many mighty Works and not getting a good response. From God….

    Hebrews 12 every Son is chastened if they choose to endure it. If not they will be no Son. Also as a summary by definition Chastening paideuō a study of root word (Etymology) and new testament usage reveals chastening may be Dereck Prince taught on Job and mentioned sickness or death barring repentance Revelation 2:22-24 definitive in the original language Also we find job as an example as
    suffering and patience in the new testament. Chastening is in the book of job although God spoke highly of job and said in the end pray for your friends. Job also maintained His innocence and God said He Spoke what was right ! as dereck prince would say simply because your righteous and God deems it to be acceptable in His sight for His purposes.

    Also we see aspects of the broad definition of chastening quite possibly may apply to kathairō used in John 15:2 and be used in the sense of attaining Rev 3:18 pyro We see testing trial discipline and death sickness and such throughout the old testament. Many people who are famouse for their healing ministries may well have interfered with what God was doing and failed to rightly divide the Word and take the full council of it. and indeed
    Not all sickness is
    due to sin…Eccl 3 states there is a time for everything…and a time too go home is appointed unto men…nor where all healed in the new testament….
    The apostle Paul couldn’t heal Timothy’s stomach problem (1 Timothy 5:23) nor could he heal Trophimus at Miletus (2 Timothy 4:20) or Epaphroditus (Philippians 2:25-27). Paul spoke of “a
    bodily illness” he had (Galatians 4:13-15). He also suffered a “thorn in the flesh” which God said my grace is sufficient so no is a valid answer (2 Corinthians 12:7-9).

    Some free resources on the web last I knew are.
    Joyce Meyers messages – Gods sustaining power. Lord teach me to pray series. David Jeremiah Romans 8 17 and 18. Dereck prince taking time to wait on God the message the call of God part 1 and part 2 . repentance part 1 and part 2, thru repentance to faith . His sermon series on the book of Job heck theirs probably over twenty scriptures stating scripturally God may answer yes . no or not now to most anything. At what point do we check with him before seeking to tell Him what to do ?

    • @Scott, GOOD TEACHING AND ACCORDING TO STUDY AND INTERPRETATION.  However, today we are entering the day of the Lord. And, in the day of the Lord, teaching and interpretation will fail us, because it comes through our flesh, which cannot be trusted in these final days. Our only hope of not being deceived today is by having a walking, talking, breathing relationship with Jesus Christ, Who will speak Truth to us concerning everything.

      Your writing is very clear, and very accurate. But, it was missing the Spirit of the Lord’s Truth for this conversation. That is how delicate this relationship with Jesus is, because in these last days without it, the very elite will be deceived. Today everyone must lean to the Lord’s Spirit of Truth, which originates with Him. And, by His revelation, we will navigate these days.

      I want you to tell me what the Lord has said to you – not your interpretation of Scriptures. I want you to purposely communicate what the Lord is saying at all times. I think you can do this well, if you will trust Him more than what you have taught yourself.

      Scott, this is the bottom line – the Lord spoke to Jim, the Lord has spoken to me, and Jim and I concur on what the Lord said. I do not know Jim, and he does not know me, but we both know the Lord and heard Him. A proper response from you would have been to drop everything you know and yield to what the Lord said. Then build from there.

      • If I missed it , it would not be the first time. However your speculation about not having the Spirit in this is a bit odd. See several of those original language Words came thru Words of knowledge. I heard and had to type them into google. To see if they had anything of validity. The posts actually came from something I wrote probably over a year ago I was compelled to find. If I offended I do apologize. While it may have been an exhortation to have faith. Hence the according to your faith be it unto you. What good would that do if someone is being chastened of God ?
        If it where a communion act of chastening. Your faith apart from the Spirit of Faith won’t help you without repentance. If it where a restraining aspect of communion or testing aspect destined of the Lord. Then the prayer should be what would you have me focus on right now.
        The purpose of me posting those teachings by those teachers. Is so all may learn God may have a choice in pretty much anything according to scripture.
        As such we who are Christs have that same Spirit of Faith that was in Timotheys grandmother lois.
        As mel Montgomery points out their is a humanisim faith involved with a form of religion denying the power of. Another title of the Holy Spirit is the Spirit of Power. hence the gift of faith.
        If you feel I spoke out of turn I will say no more. However when I see according to your faith be it unto you. may I ask what good this statement would do for the families and those appointed to die as their brethren Revelation 6 9- 11.
        I will leave it at that however we are told if we make a brother stumble having a weaker conscience we sin against Christ.

      • From Scott I greatly enjoy many of this mans posts. how we present things and when is of great importance. just as their are personal Words Corporate Words national Words and international Words. I did not say it was not God. What I did reveal by the Word of God. Was not to bring correction but balance. let things be established by two or three witnesses. Test all things hold fast to that which is good. I simply did that. You say my teaching is sound. Who do you think taught me. See I could not bend over and was taught healing is always Gods will have faith act. I could not bend over. I did by faith for days. Funny thing though though

        I where my scars from where my skin tore as my hips where knocked out of place.The Lord had mercy as I had blood coming from somewhere inappropriate to discuss. By all means I believe in the gifts and have seen and experienced them. As I lay there rolling on the floor bleeding I commited myself to God. He touched me for about thirteen hours about the only thing that I could say loudly was Holy Holy Holy. As such I did not critique this man or say anything in regards to Him not being of God as you did me ? What I did say is as a man I may be apt to miss it and doctrine allows for that. If that response that you listed is proper to you. Then I mean no disrespect. You say my teachings right but don’t seem to think it was the Spirit of God that taught me.

        I will e-mail the author not over this issue but to be truthful I have been struggling to present several things I was shown. He encouraged me to do so. I do believe one aspect of the vision may reveal why I sought to bring balance. If He wishes I had no leave from God to post them. Though it seems now He is dealing with me about one. If I offended you I apologize and meant no disrespect.

        As to the Word apart from the Spirits prompting I agree that is not only dangerous but can lead to deception. I will seek God on the matter and se if repentance is necessary. However I suspect. I would not have been obedient to send the vision or the interpretation which took three months of prayer and study. At least not this week. Things do happen for a reason I guess. I appreciate your response and honesty. You may delete this if you wish. A surprising number do when I add sound doctrine to their posted Words to bring balance or on the occasion correction.