To the Lukewarm Church…

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God thrusteth Him down, not Man…

A young man had gone with some elder friends, to visit a man who had lost everything he had.  Their talk had gone on for a very long time; the older guys having a lot to say, about why they thought their friend had come upon such disaster.  During their upright discussion, some had even thought that the man was being too righteous within himself.  It’s likely, they each felt he had done some hidden wrong.

Sometimes, I think of how God called Samuel, three times, before Eli recognized that it was God calling the young man.  In the above story, the young man finally became very angry with the older friends.  He said, that since he was the younger one and them the elders, he had listened and kept his opinions to himself.  But finally, it was too much.  He made some other comments that don’t set well with some in authority.  He said, “Days should speak, and multitude of years should teach wisdom,”  much like most of us think today.  We are taught to honor those who are our elders.

But there was a huge problem here.  These men, had talked on and on, but they had not given Job an answer, for what had happened to him.  Elihu, then went further on to say, “Great men are not always wise: neither do the aged understand judgment.” I n his anger, the younger one said that he had waited patiently for them to give the right answer; which was, that God had allowed this to come upon Job.”  God thrusteth him down, not man.”  It is yet the answer many of us search for, but cannot accept it, when we find it.

I think about David, and the mistakes he made.  Do you think David ever asked himself, why this had to happen to him?  And perhaps, why did God not protect him and prevent him from such a cruel error?  We think of how this man after God’s own heart, went on to do great things for God.  If the truth were told, it’s David’s failure, that gives some of us the most hope today.  If God can forgive and restore this man, he can do the same for us.  Although David’s mistake was ever before him, God has used it to help us.

The devil is not responsible for everything that happens to us.  And men are not always able to take credit for the trouble many of us have also known.

When we look back, and we ask why we had to make such mistakes or to go through what we did, one day, we begin to see.  We do have a certain experience and understanding of others, we would not have had otherwise.  It’s that sometimes, God allows things, that will one day, bring about true repentance, and will help someone else down the road; if only we will let it.

To the Lukewarm Church…

We were given a chance to repent.  It’s quite clear, we have a lot; we would not be considered poor people.  In fact, if compared with many other places in this world, we are rich; and most of us really do have what we need.  It would never occur to many of us, that the Spirit, might see us as wretched, poor and naked.  For the most part, we think we have need of nothing; never knowing we are in spiritual want.

There’s another statement here, that many have rejected in this last hour of prosperity.  Since so many want to hear sweet uplifting words and are even loathe to accept someone saying they’re wrong.  It was spoken by the Spirit here: “As many as I love, I rebuke and chasten:”  Just as some still correct their children when they err, the Lord also corrects those who belong to Him.  The church as many of us know it, has not been perfected.  In fact, without true Holy Ghost direction and following the way He leads, we may have wandered off the path; perhaps, much more than we think today.

I don’t know that we truly get it, that God does not like lukewarm.  It seems, in common terms, that He would prefer we were nothing, than to claim we have his Spirit, and yet have no real fire.  It appears here, that the Spirit is very insulted, when we claim so much, yet, produce so little.  To manifest, that the Spirit is lukewarm, sets poor with the price Jesus paid at Calvary.  It obviously, makes all of Heaven, uncomfortable.  Over the years, we have heard so much preaching, so much teaching; we’ve had every kind of Bible conference and Camp Meeting, and ministerial seminars; we’ve no excuse.

After all of the words of disgust and rebuke, that the arisen Christ spoke here to this church, there is a special call.  We often forget, that what we have read of God, says that He is slow to anger, and quick to forget wrath.  There is a plea, placed with great care, at the end of this voice of strong correction.  It says, “Behold, I stand at the door and knock.”  I don’t want to seem to appear super spiritual or attract any undue attention; honestly.  But of late, I have seen this vision outside my bedroom door; numerous times.  It’s Jesus.  And He is still standing outside the door; softly, tenderly waiting.

The enemy would have us believe, that it would be very hard to recover the things in the Spirit, that many of us have somehow lost.  We’ve left some things behind, that we desperately need in this hour, and in the days that are to come.  I believe the key is in what was spoken in this passage; if we will humble ourselves and repent, and turn from the things that have drawn us away from Him, He will heal us, and He will heal our land once more.  It is again clear, what the next step is.  We have to open the door.  He said He would come in and eat with us.  Let’s all arise together now; and let Him in.


~ Robert Blackburn

Robert Blackburn Robert Blackburn



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