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Donald J. Trump — Numbers 22-24 — 9 Comments

  1. Yes and amen. I released a word the other day on here that God said He has a Trump card He will reveal. Please go there and read it. Blessings brother. We can only release what the Lord says and ignore the naysayers and scoffers.

  2. I posted on HKP the dream of the Witches in America against Donald J. Trump in late 2020. These witches were on queque & chorused since Trump is removed from office, we will now get what belongs to us. The president & his wife were standing close by but were not bothered by these witches’ words. I confirm this message Sir. Brethren, we need to pray against witches agenda & stronghold against Trump, his family & the good people of America. More anointing Sir.

  3. Bro. Chris may I say here, as I didn’t understand just like 2-3 days ago why the Lord had me studying Baalam and all he said and done so strong.
    This article has shed even more light on it. God bless you and thank you.

  4. Let there be an overturning of Roe v Wade that no more will the babies be sacrificed in the fire unto Moloch. Yeah, Let this fire go cold!

  5. This is the Word of the Lord that I will “war” with in prayer!
    It is the “charge” that we needed at this time!
    Sending it out!
    Thank you for being faithful!

    • I have been warring with it all day Shelley along with the one you gave me..it has been an amazing tearful prayerful day to say the least! Shelley..the time is now. xoxoSandi

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