Donald Trump and the Solomon Anointing


America!  Donald Trump and the Solomon anointing to lead the nation in the days ahead!

Last night while in my prayer time I heard the father say,  “Donald Trump will carry a Solomon anointing in these days.  Nothing shall be hidden or concealed from him, for my Spirit of Wisdom and revelation will assure him of a great victory and a lasting legacy!”

As I heard these words, the Holy Spirit began to speak to me about what a Solomon anointing may look like in the days ahead.

The Solomon anointing as I see it,, is a divine manifestation to receive Godly wisdom, supernatural understanding and divine revelation from the Spirit of God.

A manifestation of a Solomon anointing is an unction given by God to reveal the hidden mysteries, secrets and truths of God from a heavenly perspective.  This supernatural ability carries great clarity, precision, wisdom, direction and divine and creative inspiration from the Holy Spirit.

And I believe that those that are anointed with the Solomon anointing have a supernatural ability to see things from an eternal perspective rather than from a natural perspective.

I submit, God has given Donald Trump this incredible anointing to equip, enable and empower him to lead the nation in this hour and season.  Prophetically, God shows me that in the days ahead, many will come from other nations to seek Donald Trump out for his practical solutions, his simple strategies, spiritual insights, and even his prophetic intuition.

This is what the word of God says about Solomon, “So the kingdom was established in the hand of Solomon.”

When Solomon had a visitation from God, God said to him, “Whatever you ask if shall be given, whatever you need to lead as king shall be given to you,”  and the Bible goes on to say,

“and Solomon answered all her questions.  There was nothing hidden from Solomon that he could not explain to her,”   2 Chronicles 9:2.

Now God gave Solomon the supernatural ability to understand all things and he gave Solomon all the answers, all the solutions and all the revelation he needed to fulfill the mandate that was upon his life to rule and reign as king over the land.

Furthermore, I truly believe that the Solomon anointing is given by God to those who carry a hearts desire to leave a lasting legacy.  When we stop and look at the people that Donald Trump has already selected for his administration one can only but be excited, hope filled and expectant of how God is working and moving to bring to completion the good work that he has started in this great nation.

Today, I boldly prophesy that Donald Trump has been anointed by the hand of God with the Solomon anointing to lead this nation in this hour and season to great victory.

God has given Donald Trump by His Spirit, all the answers, solutions and strategies that he will need in the days ahead to rebuild and establish the purposes of God in the land,

I decree, that under the hand of Donald Trump america will see the manifestation of the Solomon anointing at work on every mountain of influence in the land.  All will see the hand of God move to bring forth great recovery, great prosperity and great victory in the land.


Blessings to you all.
~ by Veronika West

Veronika West Veronika West



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