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I AM Releasing My Doves! — 3 Comments

  1. This fits very well. Doves everywhere. Yesterday in USA at the airport 2 doves, very hidden to notice for others, and again today, back in Switzerland at the airport, after heavy 30 hours without sleep. In Germany on my travels also. I like these Scriptures. I know them. Have been blessed to see them silver and golden shining, standing (!) directly over me in the sky some
    years ago. God is guiding and confirming His children with His signs and wonders following. Mark 16

  2. When I heard I am release Doves, I knew this was my word delivered to me Abba, by your servant Deborah, Yeah, Glory to God, Thank you Jesus. I love you. Yes, my Daddy, we shall fly together. I’m as innocent that of a Dove, it is pure, as white, you know my words are true, this is me. Glory to God. I’m accused, you know my heart, you are with me, the greater glory, is being revealed. All my accusers are being revealed right before my eyes, for there is nothing hidden, which shall be disclosed in these last days. I am marked by the blood of Jesus. I thank you Daddy, for your words, speaking to my heart. Amen!

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