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Donald Trump Is Strategizing — 5 Comments

  1. Ive been so sad about all the evil doers have done and have been doing. It is about all I can bear and I know millions feel the same way. I bind the works of the enemy off of Donald Trump and his family and off of Americans Christian patriots everyday I loose the mighty wonder working power of the Holy Ghost on us in Jesus name. I just feel in my spirit the God is working and what we need to do is to pray everyday in faith believing and to To decree a thing and stand on Gods word.Everyday. Thank You Jo Ellen for this confirming word.

  2. Thank you Lord for this encouraging post and for Umu’s dream too.  I’m sure Trump was blind sided by what happened at the gathering at the Capitol…..and I’m sure he sees more clearly now….and the pilot Biden took the plane from had to be Trump, God’s anointed (it was taken by force through cheating) and….he’s already begun to crash the economy (Keystone Pipeline).  It’s probably just a matter until he hits the BIG tree. Jesus we need you to please take the wheel!  Thank you Lord for continuing to be with Trump and his family.

  3. I had a dream in January it appeared Trump was invited by the Biden Team but was a set up. He went I and something was sprayed in his eyes and got blinded then fall down. It looks as if he was dead but I a few minutes got up Nd his sight was sharper than before. In the same dream I saw Biden took control of a plane after taking it from the pilot… He took control of the plane and was about to crash into a huge tree…I have never seen a tree so huge.. I woke up from dream and looked for pictures of tree from Google oldest is from cslifornis. Hope it makes sensd

  4. Thank you Abba Father for preserving & protecting President Donald Trump, his family members & well wishers through thick & thin. Thank you for the lives of the administrations of his kingdom prophecy, all your servants (Prophets, intercessors, teachers, pastors etc) whom you continue to speak & reveal things to. Father Lord, let your words spoken through your vessels (Prophets) come to fulfilment speedily & all will know you sent your Prophets & the hearts of those who don’t know you will be turned to you in Jesus Name Amen. Thank you dearly beloved woman of God for the word of God

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