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Entering the Beautiful Gate of Surrender — 1 Comment

  1. Ron, your years of walking in God’s Kingdom are well put into words you write.

    Here is what I wrote over the last few days.It fits well with what you wrote.

    Here’s the picture. By the Spirit, Messiah Jesus is calling: For the last centuries, My sheep have been circling in the church corral. I have sent more and more of My Spirit to strengthen and liberate the church I build.  And, My people have grown in strength and understanding. But, they are still in the corral. They have received of My Spirit time and time again. But, each time they have made the church their own. They have made their own church doctrine, own church revival, own church government and own church traditions. They have made it their own church corral. 
    The church corral is full of pulpits, pews and entertainers. It is crowded and dusty and has little green forage for the sheep. Instead of following Me and growing up and maturing in Me, many are as babies needing milk. Many do not function in the work of service/ministry other than to their own family. Many do not do their part in building My body by putting their love into action and making it real.

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