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Don’t You Know Christmas Is About A Demon? — 44 Comments

  1. “About the same time the feast of Christmas was introduced to our ancestors. ‘The vulgar persuasion is,’ says Buchanan, ‘that these festivities celebrated the birth of Christ, when, in truth, they refer, as is sufficiently evident, to the lascivious rites of the Bacchanalia, and not to the memory of our Saviour’s nativity.’ It is probable that this was originally the Gothic pagan feast of Yule, or Zul, so called in Scotland to this day; see Dr Jamieson’s Scottish Dictionary on the word, ‘Yule.’ We know the Popes instructed their missionaries not to abolish, but rather adopt the heathen rites of the people among whom they introduced Christianity, and adapt them to Christian worship. This was the source of innumerable corruptions; and with regard to this festival, it not only opened a door for all manner of licentiousness, but also bound the churches to the acknowledgment of a thing as true which never has been proved—that Christ was born on the 25th of December, which rests on no credible authority. Our neighbours in the south (Rome) condemn our reformers for rejecting this holiday. With much more reason, we wonder at their retaining it.” (The History of The Reformation of Religion in Scotland, John Knox, 1841, Introduction pp. 13, 14) (see also Acts of The General Assembly of The Church of Scotland, 1638-1842, p. 19)

    In my humble opinion, those last two sentences from this excerpt are powerful.

  2. I stopped celebrating this “hollowday” (as I refer to all the pagan celebrations) back in 2008. I have to say that it was extremely freeing to let them all go; I do not miss them. Admittedly, I enjoyed Christmas, just as so many others do. But I have to say, that each year when it was all over, I was happy it was, because ultimately, it just always felt so empty.) Letting go of one of the world’s most cherished days/“seasons” of the year will come with a price. Personally, I suffered a lot for it. One example: my first wife, a professing believer, ended up divorcing me because I actually had the nerve to want to be an obedient son of the Most High, to learn to love the things He loves and to hate the things He hates, and to try and live accordingly. Most professing believers simply cannot fathom why anyone would not want to celebrate “the birth of Jesus.” I say it’s BECAUSE I love Him, that I do not celebrate it anymore.

    Some readers here may find this documentary on Christmas interesting, educational and revealing:


  3. So glad you wrote and posted this.  It is the truth and I thank the Lord Jesus for revealing to you this truth.  I stand in agreement with it.  I too tried to tell others but it wasn’t received.  God bless you.

    • Hey Ryan, I get where you’re coming from. I too like all the holiday festivities like the lights, trees, Santa, elf…etc. I’m even ok with the gifts and family gatherings. Absolutely nothing wrong with that but December 25th has nothing to do with Jesus or His birth

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