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  1. I heard and was told it is a lie from a family member a couple of years ago and I refused to believe and lay it: (all the decorations, tree, lights, especially the music and all) down. After reading your message and others recently I am believing. It is with great grief that I now know Christmas is satanic and not of the Lord Jesus Christ. Please forgive me Lord God of All the Earth and please, please take Santa/Satan away from me and my household, help me to do this by your great grace for me and my family. I am feeling sick today. Please pray for me and my family. Thank you Brothers and Sisters.

  2. Yesss AMEN AMEN
    Christ our Savior not Santa a fictional myth. JESUS is real not Saint Nick.
    THANK YOU GOD LORD JESUS…YOU are the real reason for ALL seasons.☝☝☝

  3. Interestingly enough Santa apparently exhibits attributes that belong to G_d.  He knows what you been up to and put you on the either the naughty or good list. – Omniscience as well as judging mankind.  To visit every household in the world in a single night implies omnipresent.

  4. Thank you, brother for putting this revelation out there. I used to celebrate Christmas I stopped doing it because something in me keep convensing me this is not of God. Again thank you, may the Lord bless you.

  5. Amen
    min julegave ligger ikke under et træ
    det hang på et træ, for ca. 2ooo år siden
    han Jesus Kristus er årsagen til at vi fejrer jul

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