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Dream and Revelation about Vampires — 4 Comments

  1. I dream about vampire they kill my cousin sister and neighbours I fight fight to them and alone I’m so tried.. then I kill fox

  2. I dreamt about vampires last night one told me its being released from the bush after 55days.then the other was chasing me!

  3. Wow! I had 2 dreams about a vampire- never had vampire dreams previously. And, in the first dream I saw the house and the 4th floor in which the vampire slept- his lair. I was careful to back out of there, and not wake him. In the second dream I had a few days ago, I was in a house, on the 2nd floor. In this dream, I was on the second floor with other people and we were attending to the care of the house’s gothic relics/antiquities…we were setting the table for guests/feast/entertaining. My ex-spouse was there, and I specifically told him to go to the 3rd floor because I knew that’s where the vampire was. And, for sure I wasn’t going with him- I sent him off alone.

    I wrestled with these dreams because I couldn’t understand why I having “vampire/lair” dreams. And, when I came across your blog- I sat up and took notice! Will spend more time with the Lord and in prayer about it. I also have cancer, and my ex made my life a living nightmare battling it- I believe my ex and his mother were the source of much of physically illnesses I had to deal with. Thank you for sharing this prophetic word with His church.

    • You need to forgive him. He is still sucking the life out of you. The root cause of cancer is unforgiveness. Pray for him. I know that sounds like a lot, but look at it this way. What if he was the man of God that God called him to be? Wouldn’t everyone’s life be better around him? Wouldn’t it be easier to deal with him now? God needs someone to pray His will for your ex so God’s will can be done. Don’t let the past eat your future also with cancer. Forgive.  That does not mean allow harm to go unpublished, that means you release him for God’s will to be done in him and you. And God’s will is healing. Love to you my friend.

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