Turn back to God now!  Judgment is in the Land!

2 Words in 1

Go through the process – and be ready!

God has blown my mind today.  Three more major doors in different continents just open up today.

At the [recent] conference in Tylertown, MS was a birthing room and God said to me, “Push out the nations.”

The doors have been opening since.  I can’t wait to obey The LORD.  This is a prophetic word that was spoken years ago that is now coming to pass!

Learning how to prepare yourself, by going through the process that is necessary to get you into the place God has ordained for you to be, is necessary for the prophetic words that have been spoken to manifest in their season in your life.

God is sending His servants into the hard, dark territories, to bring the people to the light.

Preparing for new territories requires much discipline, consecration and sanctification ,along with learning the principalities that rule and the powers of darkness that operate in that region.

Knowing your enemy, is important, so you can know how to defeat the forces of darkness.

Nobody goes to war without learning who and what you are facing.  If you don’t know your enemy, you can be ambushed.  Don’t allow yourself to be put in the trap of the enemy learn effective warfare techniques so you won’t be destroyed in your assignments.

Turn back to God now!  Judgment is in the land!

I’m on high spiritual alert, battling for the people as God is severing false cords and releasing the people from false burdens and rebuking the thieves, liars, con artist spirits that are entrapping destroying and hindering the people.

God is commanding the spirits of manipulation, white/black witchcraft, Jezebel, Ahab to be destroyed and is cutting and disconnecting all forms of communications that the enemy is using to trace observed and follow you.  The demonic watchers are being blinded by the glory of God.

The Spirit of The LORD is cutting in pieces and burning up venomous snakes and frogs, and manifesting His word that declares no weapon formed against you shall prosper.

God is overthrowing the evil works of darkness.  Eyes are opening, ears are unstopping.

I hear Him saying, “Hear and see with the Spirit.”

I saw lips to ears whispering and releasing lies and falsehoods about people, and I heard God say He will show forth truth.

This is not the hour to fight against truth, to sow seeds of discord, or to disrupt the work of God in somebody life.  This is not the hour to rise up in defiance against the will of God, because He is moving.  Swift justice is coming to works of darkness.

Don’t be found fighting against God or His work.

I keep hearing, “Who shall lay anything to the charge of God’s elect?”  It is God who justifieth, Romans 8:33  Who can say anything against those God has chosen, when they are justified through Him?

Correcting error and condemning are two different things.  The Spirit of The LORD said He will fight for the holy and righteous in this hour.  The warfare is intense, because the charge to His elect is greater.  There’s an urgency to get in His will.

Trouble is definitely coming, but assurance of your salvation and faith in God will cause those to stand who are steadfast and unmovable.

I heard the Spirit say, “Arise prophets, stand up apostles, take a stand pastors, go forth evangelists, reveal My Word teachers!

Come out the caves, come out from the corners.  Shake yourselves, mount up in strength, power, love and unity.  Don’t hold back.  Release My sound in the earth.  Shake the people out of their slumber.  Spare Not!”  

There’s an awakening taking place.  Preach the Word with demonstrate of God’s power being revealed.  Cry Holy, Holy, Holy!  No compromise, no shortcuts, no fear, speak the Word of God.  Reveal the hidden sins, uncover their iniquities, spare not, cry loud, loud, loud!

I hear a revolution has started; a revolt is rising against the sin in the house of God.

We will not surrender to the foolishness or the wickedness of the evil that is now acceptable to those who are double-minded and who embrace sin.  I heard Him say the war is now turning more fierce, therefore, come forth with the roar of a lion and prevail against darkness.

Watchmen, speak.  “What do you see?” says The LORD.  “Speak and warn the people.

Prophets, speak truth, hear what The LORD says and speak now.  Take your hands off your mouths and speak as The LORD reveals.  Warn, warn, warn the people of what’s to come.

Delay not, but speak the truth.  I hear rebuke, rebuke, rebuke the shepherds who destroy the sheep.  Tell the wicked shepherds to repent.  Lay at the altar of repentance and travail for your soul.

Danger has been allowed to enter into God’s house because the shepherds have turned from God.  “Repent!” says The LORD, “and turn back to God now, for His judgment is passing through the land.  Woe unto the shepherds who have broken scattered wounded and hurt the sheep.”

The day has come to make a decision.  Whom will you serve?  Who will be on The LORD side?

I hear the Spirit of The LORD say, “Come now, for the hour of temptation shall be strong.  Come to safety.  Come to rest.  Come to love.  Come and be healed of your sins.  Come!” saith The LORD.

I’m so full right now because God is moving strong and mighty now.  He is doing a great work in the earth.

Get in your position souls are depended on you!  It’s time to obey have no fear obey and run for your life get in a hurry and be about your Father’s business.

God is moving and doing a quick work don’t miss this season and time.  Where you spend eternity is up to you the choice is yours.  Come!


~ Apostle Barbara R. Thomas

Apostle/Prophetess Barbara R. ThomasApostle Barbara R. Thomas is founder of I Come to Heal Ministries, A Woman’s touch Ministry, The Next Dimension Global Outreach Ministries and Spoken Word School of Ministry and she is on a mission travelling the world proclaiming the Gospel for soul to be won to the Kingdom of God. She has a mandate on her life to help brings others to their divine purpose.

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