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Each Step is a Step Up — 6 Comments

  1. Dr. June, I am 69 years old, I will be 70 on 21 Aug. 22. I receive this Father, I need it, for many reasons that are not for my own benefits. Let it be so, I say with all of my heart. And thank You for this Prophetess You chose to speak it forth to me. Bless her please.

  2. Thank you so much. This resonates deeply. He is a good Father and we are His beloved children and the process is not our final result. Also, He knows when we are ready for the next step and the next step — always going UP! Hallelujah!

  3. The Holy Spirit spoke to me in connection to what you’re saying He told me they will be a linear move of the Lord. We’re in the linear year of the Lord. We’re going up step by step. There’s a climb upward Mobility an incline. Revelation 4v1 says it all; also line upon line precept upon precept.. blessings woman of God

  4. Keep the pen of a ready writer let the Holy Spirit continually speak to you as His Herald. This is a confirmation. I thank God for the prophetic Apostolic Ministries at hand for many are being summoned this hour.. Yours Truly Watchmen Triumph/via HolyGhost

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