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The LORD Begins to Open Reservoirs For His People — 8 Comments

  1. What a wonderful picture of all that HE is and all that HE carries in His heart for His children. So very comforting and full of hope for today. Thanks so much for sharing, Debra. Many blessings as you serve Him so faithfully, Sandi Holman

  2. Reply to Doug The kingdom of God never changes and is never shaken, God has said again and again that everything that can be shaken will be shaken (pause and think) Great change is coming on the earth and it is all good, yes a lot of us are attached to the world systems and are experiencing the shaking the key is to see yourself being delivered and God expediting your life and prosperity far beyond what you can ask or think, God is bigger than any of us understand or dream you may say I have never witnessed this again think carefully you can be upset and mad or you can take a hold of the word of the Lord which many prophets have revealed and decide this is what I am going to believe this is the way things are going to go and walk and talk it before it happens WHAT DO YOU HAVE TO LOSE

  3. Too many battles have been lost, even though the outcome of the war has already been decided. In other words many have lost hope because of their circumstances. So how do people move forward if they are already defeated?

    • There have been days when all I can muster is “Yes Lord.” And every time, and I mean EVERY time at the end of the Day…I am amazed at His Goodness!! The only way I’ll quit is if He tells me to or takes me out.
      This journey on this planet is but a vapor, but our Eternal Reward is, well…He’s Eternal :D

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