Elevation has come, says the LORD! — 6 Comments

  1. This was such a blessing to me .  I asked the Lord ” what shell I tell your people”.  This morning when I woke up this song came on my tv. Called Im moving on. So I look up the world Elevation and this is what came up. The lord is so good.

  2. Wow . This was a powerful word. As I was in prayer this morning I asked the father “ What season was I in “ He said the season of elevation and I began to look up the word elevation then I came across your ministry and the words spoke to my spirit . My heart desire is to see the lost saved delivered and set free .  Just as Jesus did for me .

    • There is an anointing coming from the prophectic word about braille, ring, and shoes.  I felt it hit the palm of my right hand.  I didn’t know if I needed to run or what.

  3. Amen and amen! Hit me head on this morning with this word! Confirmation of what he has been doing in me! So thankful lady!

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