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  1. Thank You Heavenly Father for Veronika West!
    The LORD bless and guard you and your family and ministry many happy years to come!
    Thank you for your faithfulness and the blessing you are to the Body of Christ!
    Holy Spirit really encourages me a lot through the words given to you.
    Lots of love and Shalom from the UNITED Kingdom

  2. I knew it !!!  As soon as I saw the articles on the Endurance I knew it was a sign.  I thought it might be endurance of the saints.  Thank you for this explanation!  Praise God almighty for His Glory shall cover the earth!

  3. That which was Lost and Stolen brings to mind the works of Nikola Tesla which includes a way to draw free energy from the atmosphere. Suppressed and stolen by the Cabal and their fossil fuel cohorts.

  4. I saw a documentary on the Endurance and Ernest Shakleton’s determination to save every man.
    Unlike the explorer Captain Scott, who continued his journey despite inadequate supplies to ensure a safe return, Shakleton abandoned his ambitions to reach the South Pole and opted to do everything possible to save his men.
    Extraordinarily miraculous interventions were instrumantal in their surviving the ordeal and making their way to safety, including a 900 mile journey in a tiny boat, without adequate navigation, to locate a small island with a British base. They landed on the wrong side with a large mountain to climb to reach the British base. They only had enough energy to reach the summit of the mountain and rather than perish there, they slid all the way down the other side
    They all made it and two of them reported sensing another figure with them on the way down (a bit like Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego).
    A ship was then sent to rescue the rest of the men in Elephant island, who also had miraculously survived by eating penguins and fish.
    One of the greatest examples of survival despite the odds aided by heavenly wisdom, divine intervention and human endurance.
    The ship was aptly named.

  5. Praise be to the Lamb of God who takes away the sins of the world. His goodness and Mercy endures (endurance) to all generations. Blessed be the name of the Lord. His love endures (endurance) forever.

  6. A while ago I had what I believe was a prophetic dream.I dreamt Iwas gazing on a scene.The angriest raging ocean I had ever seen.Above were dark angry clouds and a general feeling of despair ,devastation and utter hopelessness.Then as I gazed upon the desolate scene it suddenly turned into the most beautiful garden I had ever seen.I awoke with the words” only God could do this.Just thought it might tie in with your prophecy of God birthing something beautiful out of a seemingly hopeless situation.

    • Wow STEVE!  This validates many prophecies as well!  “the military will even say Only God Could’ve Done This.”  Thank you for sharing.

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