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  1. “When America announces she is energy independent, these things shall take place.”

    America officially became a net exporter of oil in November 2019!

  2. The Malacca Strait was the perfect place for a sign for OPEC, since OPEC oil shipments to Pacific Rim nations go through that strait:


    The massive Sinabung volcano eruption on 2018-02-19 would have been seen by transporters of OPEC oil through the Malacca Strait:


    A satellite image of the 2018-02-19 Sinabung eruption:


    A side view of the 2018-02-19 Sinabung eruption:


    Before and after photos of the 2018-02-19 eruption of Sinabung, proving that the Ring of Fire blew its top at Sinabung:


  3. The prediction in the 2016-12-16 prophecy “Energy, Energy” that “the covenant you [OPEC] have with that ring [of fire] will be lost” probably refers to OPEC contracts to supply oil to Pacific Rim nations. Those transporting those shipments through the Strait of Malacca along the northeast coast of Sumatra would have seen the 2017 eruptions of the Sinabung volcano. When the 2018-01-24 prophecy “Energy Now” stated that “the sign has been given,” that would refer to eruptions prior to 2018-01-24. However, “Energy Now” was not posted until 2018-02-27, a few days after a February eruption of Sinabung that blew off part of its top. In “Energy, Energy” it was predicted that “when that ring of fire [volcanoes around the Pacific Rim, including Sinabung] blows its top, it will be a sign to you that you [OPEC] will lose your stock and the covenant you have with that ring will be lost.”

    • I tell you it’s amazing,.  just YouTube Stanley Meyer. They’ve been trying to keep that a secret for about 30 years now..He had a car that ran on water. He said he asked God to help him solve the pollution problem with the carbon and he starts speaking in tongues and God started showing him how to make a car that ran on water. After signing of 30 million dollar contract with the government the Pentagon he died shortly after while meeting with two investors from Belgium who poisoned him.

      selling better watch it before it’s deleted because they’re scrub in the whole internet..


    • I’ve also heard Mark Taylor say that the reason Saudi Arabia bought the weapons for future purposes to defend themselves against other country’s bcz there oil wells r drying up !

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