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Eternal Consecration — 2 Comments

  1. Thank you, Sister Barbara, for your inside glimpse on how the holy Spirit works inside your life.  I know one other person who walks very much as you described your life before God, and she is an apostle too.  I wish so very much for you to meet her and become more familiar with her ministry as well, for your edification.  You can visit Linda’s Word site at prophecies.org God bless you.  rick

  2. Good article how you practice your faith. Particularly this speaks volumes to me, too: “There are times throughout the day when I may break out in intercession concerning things God drops in my spirit to pray about.  I don’t have a set time to pray, I just am ready to pray as the Spirit leads me.”
    Sister, I almost always pray whispering or with Bible near to my mouth, because of the bugs in the house, in pc and elsewhere. I pray before I stand up and all day long whenever I sense the urge to pray. This rescued my life. Sometimes pictures of brethren jump into my mind and I immediately pray for them, too. One thing we all must learn: To live more holy. Thank you for the clear reminder. Let us stand up and do so when we leave house today. I go out in this hour for some errands and I will think about it even more. God bless you, sister Barbara.

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