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False Prophets Are In The Fold! — 6 Comments

  1. Thank you for the needed help. It’s arrived just in time. It’ll be able to help to lots of people to discover the truth.
    God bless you!
    Maria from Bulgaria.

    • Thank you Maria, at the beginning of this year one of the things the Lord told me is that the year 2017 will be a year of “ungirded truth”. It’s happening, the truth is setting many free… thank you Lord!

      God Bless You Dear Sister, continue to be bold for the roar within you will transform many lives!

  2. Thank you Lord Jesus for exposing false prophecy
    Sometimes Jesus ask me to invite Him to sit beside me, or invite Him inside. This morning He said that He was attending me, then there is important moments ahead. Yes, as I read your post, the Lord opened my eyes and I see crystal-clear what all this hatred come from. Some years ago, there was a woman who said, “Fighting suicide is very dangerous. If you are still keen on preventing suicide after my warnings, you will be in much tribulation”. I said, “The Lord is calling me, how can I not go, also, i will not have peace until I do”. Then I did not have this conversation in mind again until this moment.
    I have seen much violence and suicide in my life. Even though I met the Lord and was saved since young age, my heart has been broken into pieces most of my life as I loved those who died, until the Lord healed me during December and January. I am so surprised how this is possible. The Lord is so mighty it is impossible to comprehend. So much love… God bless you dearly for being obedient to the Lord. Lucia Ludvigsen

    • Praise God Lucia for His unfailing love. The word says the enemy is always on the prowl seeking whom to devour, we must not be afraid though as we have Jesus Christ.

      I understand the hardship of dealing with suicide as my own father took his life when I was 11. God’s love heals the deepest wounds. You right, He is impossible to comprehend… great is His faithfulness.

      Thank you for sharing your experience, your words have blessed me. God Bless You!

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