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Touching The Father’s Heart — 10 Comments

  1. Awesome word bro… the Lord has impressed deeply in me the scripture regarding eternal life which is to know the Father and Jesus Christ.

    I visited your website and downloaded your book, it has been filled with revelation that I needed and has helped connect so many of the dots… I only read 2 chapters so far.

    You have really fed this sheep my brother, looking forward to delving deeper into your book. Thank you, God Bless!

      • My God… How thankful my heart is for sending me understanding to the things My Lord was asking of me. I have downloaded your book and have been reading in for the last 7 hours… Thank God for you David and the journey God has you on to help others in the body of Christ. My life will be so different now that understanding has come from the Father’s heart to mine.

        • Sonda, praise God!

          He wants to transform our thinking. This is the key to accessing the greatest depths of intimacy. Keep going. Thank you for reaching out.. what an encouraging word from you.

          Yoru brother,

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