Feeling The Real Thing


There is much imitation afoot. 

If we have been seeking the LORD with all of our heart, we soon know Him in ways we never did before.

In doing all that we know how, to follow the leading of the Spirit, there are some questions that will arise.  Honest things that we can discuss with the God of our understanding.

The truth is, it’s really all about what kind of relationship we have with Him; how well we know Him and His ways and what level we can talk on.

Why has God allowed so much false presentation?

Why is it that He would stand by and see those who grand-stand and act to perform in power they do not have?

One might say, oh you can’t be that upfront with God or question what He lets happen and doesn’t.

Well, you certainly don’t approach the God I know with a haughty, demanding spirit.

But when you approach God with humility, true love and respect, you can begin to communicate with Him just as His servant David did.

There are those who prophesy and call themselves by names which were reserved for those who were truly called and chosen.

To operate in the Spirit as a truly anointed person, you don’t need a title; you don’t need to call yourself anything.

I like to refer back to the Apostle Paul who said that He wasn’t much of anything.  He went on to try to teach some of us what he meant by that.

It did not matter how many gifts we thought we had, or what kind of things we might perform, that without charity, we were nothing.  Some of us, still haven’t gotten that.

In the early day on, people came to our services, because they could feel something there.

It was different from where they came from.  It was the Holy Ghost they felt.  If I lived to be hundreds of years old, I could never describe or truly relate to anyone about how special this Holy Ghost is.

You have to feel it.  There are no human words to tell it.  Isn’t it true, that one of the first things you feel in His true presence, is you want to weep.

There is a transformation and a washing that takes place, that no tongue can tell.  A real, touch of the heart.

And the joy that it brings. It’s no wonder we once sung, it’s all over me, and it’s keeping me alive.

And that old verse that said, it’s joy “unspeakable” and full of glory, and the half, has never yet been told.

And it still hasn’t been told.  I spoke to the Lady cutting my hair today, and she said that there are so many people who have never seen the glory of God.

They have never felt His presence in the way so many of us have.  They don’t have the Holy Ghost.  They haven’t even seen it.

The grand discoveries of men, with all of their technological experiences and their portrayals of supernatural occurances, are nothing but shallow images.

Oh, they’re strong; don’t ever think that the forces of darkness are not strong and that they do not have power.

But compared to whom?

Who is All power, all knowing and ever present above all else?

We used to tell it.  No thrill, no drug, no spiritual cross-over, nothing man can design or fashion, can compare with the genuine Holy Spirit of God.

No form, no show and no man, can do it.

You see, the world has seen all of that.  But when the time of great need comes, when the soul is alone and there is no flash or booming of sound, there is a vast emptiness and a loss.

I told this lady today, God is going to manifest himself in some ways we haven’t seen before.

The Holy Ghost is going to begin falling on people in situations He hasn’t before.

Why?  Because, it is God’s heart and desire, that people feel Him and know it is Him; and nothing else.

All else will fall away.  Because nothing, can stand in His presence; without Him.


~ Robert Blackburn

Robert Blackburn Robert Blackburn



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