Fight Back! ~ Don’t Limp Along!

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Limping Along!

The Body of Christ is limping along, and if they don’t figure out the cause of their injury and let the LORD heal their heart and walk in His truth, this injury could lead to lameness (being crippled, failure, fruitless and ineffectual) or even death.

It’s time to get help from the LORD now!

I will listen closely to God’s words.

I will not let them out of my sight – I will keep them within my heart; for they are life to all who find them and health for the whole body, (Proverbs 4:20-22).

“The LORD has declared that He will restore me to health and heal my wounds,”   Jeremiah 30:17.

Fight Back!

I’ve been cleaning house today, if you want to call it that.

Sometimes you need to get rid of problems.  We had some chickens we were given, and they are just bullies.

We hoped they would calm down as they got older because they were still young.  One went off the deep end, just went crazy.

Some months later we added 3 calm sweet chickens to the bunch, and they were already adults.

Needless to say they have had to learn to fight back.  A couple of days ago, one of these these chickens was limping.

We did our best to check her foot but couldn’t tell what might be wrong.  This morning I went to the chicken pen, and another one of the sweet chickens was limping, and all of a sudden a fight broke out with the third one.

I said that’s it, I have had enough, not going to put up with this anymore.

We loaded up the problem children and took them to the feed store to give away. Now we have peace in chicken land, and I feel better too, no more problems.

If you are putting up with a problem today, stop it!

It’s time to clean house and deal with these things in your life that are holding you down and keeping you upset.

Put them down, trust God, and let go! It’s not your problem….. if you keep praying for the LORD to take away some things in your life and nothing seems to be happening, maybe He’s waiting for you to make up your mind to move forward and make a stand for Him.

He loves you, don’t stay in turmoil…

Maybe it’s time for you to stand up to the devil and tell him to get out of your house, your marriage, your very life.  You are more than a conqueror through Jesus Christ!

“Submit yourselves therefore to God. Resist (oppose, withstand) the devil, and he will flee from you,”   James 4:7.


God Bless You, you are in my prayers
~ Celeste Dewey

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Fight Back! ~ Don’t Limp Along! — 1 Comment

  1. I Receive This Word.  I have been putting up with a problematic family for most of my life and I am tired of letting this person upset me and vex my spirit.  I am ready to leave them behind so I may move forward.