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Filled to Overflowing or Lost for Words — 2 Comments

  1. Thank you…I was going to do something mighty for the LORD…it failed…i have GOT to get back up and SPEAK WORDS ARIGHT IN HIM !!!!

  2. I give God Thanks for those whom are filled with the spirit to love others in spite of how they are treated. But I give thanks for those whose hearts are heavy and troubled and may be negative. God sees it as an opportunity to lavish his love on them and God, Our Father and Our Lord Jesus love lavishing their love in abundance on those in need. For Our Lord’s love is limitless.
    I was in church one day and the guest pastor spoke about this “hard lady” in the audience at another church service. And during service, the guest pastor said he laid hands on her and she caught the Holy Spirit! Yes! A hard lady caught the Holy Spirit. Not a sweet innocent perfect in the eyes of man church lady but a mean church lady!  Probably the kind of church lady people run from. Anyway, at that moment he laid hands on her, after years of harshness and anger she bust out laughing!!! I mean she was having a great time and couldn’t stop! There she was howling with laughter in the middle of service! What a hoot! I wish i was there. That would have been a sight. Anyhow, the laughter went on so long, the pastor got insulted thinking she was making fun of him somehow ( I admired his honesty for being do real) and The Lord spoke to him ” this woman has been twisted up inside with anger and resentment from past wrongs for decades or longer, and now she has been set free!” And the pastor said he had this sense that The Lord and the woman was laughing at him for being so serious and a stick in the mud. I’m sure The Lord was laughing though, likely not laughing at him but I think He was rejoicing over this woman finding joy! I think He loves to see us rejoice because we are really happy not just because we are expected to Praise as a requirement. He desires to make us really joyful!! Sensing his presence has that affect of people! He is Joyfulness and he was born from the tribe that means praise! Issac’s name means laughter and he was the promised child! Do see where I am going?

    I think as Christians we forget who we were before Christ. We forget how much he saved us from.  And we forget the Joyfulness of his presence. But He , Our Lord didn’t condemn us for forgetting. He isn’t accusatory like the enemy but His voice points us back to him and his love and not our faults. Let’s give Christ Glory for being such a cool, approachable, loving Savior!!! He wants us to be ourselves with Him so he can lead and guide us to his great joy! Like the little lady who went from grumpy to joyful in no time just by a touch from The Lord we must recognize it’s His power that can completely transform. Let’s be used by him to share his loving touch!!! Praise Jesus!

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