Finding Our Purpose in Kingdom Assignment


In seeking the Kingdom, a prerequisite is death to everything but Him… then seeing the finished work launch the body into meaningful individual, and now corporate purpose as a functioning body.

Small cells of the body are flowing in purpose, as many of these small cells are finding and connecting to other cells… this ‘connecting’ is not simply for the sake of connection, but rather the calling of the (body) parts that are ‘called’ to connect.

This calling and appointment took place before the foundation of the earth, specifically for us to attend ‘works’ prepared beforehand for us (as a part of the body) to attend to.

As stated, small cells at first, as this phenomenon is growing and becoming at an alarming rate.

What has been hidden will soon be revealed – a connecting body, joining in purpose to attend to works He prepared beforehand for us to attend.


Clay Sikes

Clay SikesClay Sikes  ~ Lighthouse Prophecy.



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