Fire Begets Fire

Fire begets FireAn extract from page 10, of Dennis Ignatius’ outstanding book,
Fire Begets Fire.”


“The Cry of My Heart..

When God began to reveal these things to me; my priorities changed.  I became restless and desperate.  Nothing else could Over satisfy me again except His presence.

Let me tell you, what the cry of my heart is:

  • Lord, I read that You visited Abraham’s tent;  I am anxious for You to visit me too!.

  • Lord, it says in Your Word that Moses saw Your glory:  Can I see Your glory too?

  • Lord, You .called Samuel by name;  I want to hear You call my name too!

  • Lord, Ezekiel saw visions of You;  please give me visions of You!

  • Lord, I was so thrilled to read of how Paul encountered You on that Damascus road;  I want an encounter too!

  • Lord, I’m grateful for their accounts Of what happened. It has inspired me and encouraged me.  But Lord, I want to experience You for myself.  I want to cry out like the prophet Isaiah, “my eyes have the seen the King, the Lord Almighty!”

  • Lord, thank You for salvation, that I have a place in heaven, but I too want to be called Your friend!

  • Lord, thank you for all Your blessings, but please don’t ask me to go forward for even another day if Your presence does not go with me.  Your angels won’t do.  Your prophets ‘won’t do.  Your blessings won’t do.  I must have You Lord, or I have nothing at all!”


Fire Begets FireDennis Ignatius  Dennis Ignatius  Dennis Ignatius, a graduate in international relations from the University of Malaya, is a 36 year veteran of the Malaysian Foreign Service. Prior to joining the Foreign Service, he served as cross-cultural coordinator with the US Peace Corps in Malaysia.


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