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  1. Father, your advice is better than silver, and your word most valuable than gold.
    I trust on you to give me what i need, because im so small even to know what to ask (to know it), what to request (to fill any need), and what to choose (to do a better and correctly choice); i only know that i choose you, and you will add (pour) all the other things. Your word also says that you know what we need before we ask, so i let your will be my will; there is no better option than put all my trust on you; i know it too (also learned from you).
    Be with me, because you are my all, my unique desire; the treasure that my heart fight to seek, the final quest that my spirit cry out to to find the finish (winning the race).
    Hold my hand, like a father hold his little ones, because i don’t know (and not want) walk without you; with you, i will learn not only to walk better (to be best), but to run faster (to get the fastest), and to fly without bounder (to reach ever the longest).

    So be it (and it will be), in the name of Yausha, your greatly son, my messiah, and our king.

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