For the Bride: Fundamentals!


He says today,  “I AM gathering My Bride now, they are rising.  Come away with Me to a secret place for instructions for the days ahead.

Walk by faith, put all things aside that have nothing to do with faith.  I  AM calling for separation like never before.

You must do this!  I need you Bride to walk with Me.  You cannot stand in the times ahead without a firm faith, knowing I AM there for you.

Without Me you cannot stand.  The days ahead will be terrifying to many, but rest assured that if you are in Me, I will deliver you out of them all.

I AM your God, I AM there for you.  Trust Me.  Lean on Me.  Never let a day go by without coming to Me.  You need Me more than life.

Trust and Obey, there’s no other way.  The days are short and My return is near.  Keep your eyes on the goal.  Don’t stray away.  Stay close.

I AM making a way in the Desert, making straight the way of the LORD.

Time is short, no time to waste on silly things.  Stay tuned for more.”

My thoughts: these instructions are specific to each one of us.  If we do not spend time with Him we individually will not know what to do.

“I will help you, I will strengthen you, I will uphold you with My righteous right hand.  Stay close.

Time will be passing quickly now.  No time to waste.  Stay close, stay close, stay close.

Righteousness, I AM looking for righteousness.  I have clothed you with righteousness, but you must put it on.

Righteousness must come first.  Don’t forsake wearing it, it is right standing with Me.

Do as I say.  Let your heart be fixed on Me.  I AM looking for the dedicated ones, who will let nothing get in their way of obedience.

Put aside those things that take you away from Me, worthless things I say.  They will eat up your time that needs to be spent in My presence.

Open your heart like never before, I know what is there.  Shed any sin that so easily entangles so you can run the race ahead.

I need you to be strong in Me.  Let the world go.  Let it go I say!  There is nothing there for you.  It is wicked at best and will rob you of Me.  Be hungry for Me, hungry for righteousness, hungry for My word.

Trust Me with all of your heart and lean not on your own understanding.  The way is clear, you only need look for it.  I AM making a way for you, a clear way.  It will be easy if you are with Me.

Do not stress or fear it causes harm.  Keep alert to My voice.  Be fervent in prayer.  Stand tall for Me.

I AM here for you.  Everything I tell you will come by revelation knowledge, you must be in the Spirit.

Instructions come by the Spirit.  You My Bride know what I AM doing for I have revealed it to you in My Word.

Be not afraid of their faces, they are just faces.  I AM the One that matters most.  Trust in no one but Me, run all information by Me.

I AM watching, you watch too.  The way is slippery, even rocky, cut I will enlarge the ground under you for a firm foundation so you can stand.

Be not afraid, it will only cause harm and shut My voice out. Get wisdom and in all your getting get understanding.


“Revolutionize!” – it’s meaning is to make a complete and basic change, to alter drastically or radically.


God Bless You, you are in my prayers
~ Celeste Dewey

Celeste DeweyCeleste Dewey



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