From Whence Come Wars and Fighting?


“It is an honour for a man to cease from strife: but every fool will be meddling,”   Proverbs 20:3.

“If possible, so far as it depends on you, be at peace with all men,”   Romans 12:18.

“What is the source of quarrels and conflicts among you?  Is not the source your pleasures that wage war in your members?  You lust and do not have; so you commit murder.  You are envious and cannot obtain; so you fight and quarrel.  You do not have because you do not ask.  You ask and do not receive, because you ask with wrong motives, so that you may spend it on your pleasures,”   James 4:1-3.

How many of us seem to continually be fighting or arguing with one another?  It doesn’t seem to matter what it is about.  It can be when the LORD is returning, where the anti-Christ comes from, or what translation of the bible you should be reading.

Sometimes we fight over things that simply don’t matter and then other times, the issues at hand may have more importance.  James tells us that this in-fighting come from our own lusts of what we want.  Sometimes we just want to be right no matter what the costs are. But when we continue in this manner then it won’t be long before we’ve lost a friend in the process.

Some things simply aren’t worth all the fuss are they?  Politics is probably one of the most heated topics that we can get into, and we can draw our guns and swords, ready for our arguments to begin.  Pretty soon the dam breaks and the water comes gushing forth.  And in the end, no one really wins.

I guess the real thing to be considered is what do we have in common with those in the body of Christ?

We may well be a Lutheran, a Presbyterian, or a Pentecostal.  We may prophesy, have words of knowledge, and discerning of spirits.  But our brother or sister believes in the same foundational truths that we do.  They know the same LORD and Savior that we do.

They exhibit love and compassion to others that they meet, and have shared the gospel with others.  And yet because they don’t speak in tongues, or have been baptized in the Holy Spirit, we think that we somehow we don’t have much in common?

Find those simple truths that are common to all of us as believers.  Choose to listen to others rather than standing on your soap box ready to shoot with both barrels the ultimate truth that you’ve found.

Perhaps then there may well come a time when we will reach a unity in the faith.  Otherwise, the enemy will continue to smile and laugh at those he has scattered and caused such a division among many of us.


~ Stephen Hanson

Prophet Stephen HansonStephen Hanson of In His Truth Ministries came to the LORD is a special way in 1975 and has prophesied regularly since.  In these end-time birthing pangs we are reminded that judgment must first begin with the household of God.  Will we be prepared and ready?

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