When The Brook Dries Up


“LORD, they have killed thy prophets, and digged down thine altars; and I am left alone, and they seek my life.”  

This man had been sent to prophesy to one of the most evil men of all times.  A leader, who was supposed to be over God’s people.  He was as far away from God and from what God wanted than any of those who came before him.

He said, “Leader, it’s not going to rain again until I say it will.  Only, when the word comes from my mouth.”

Then, God told the prophet to hurry off and hide.  It’s likely that he did not see anyone during that time.  But, one would think he should have been comfortable and at ease.  God sent certain birds to feed him twice a day; both bread and flesh and he had plenty of fresh water to drink.

It was a fact that a lot of God’s prophets were hiding in caves; the powers that be were continually attempting to destroy them.  And why would that be true?  They hated being reproved or told the truth.

The messenger of God had to leave that place where he had been safe from harm.  His own prophecy, caused his place of refuge to expire.  It was time to move on.

\We know the story of how another place was prepared for this man.  It took a real miracle for this poor woman to have faith in this prophet.  In spite of what God had prepared for His servant, something really bad happened to the person who had taken him in.  It was then, that this prophet had a very serious talk with God.

We don’t know what kind of preparation Elijah went through before his ministry started.  One day we will admit, like we once did, that there is much we don’t know.  Just how was it that he became so powerful; that God used him in such mighty ways?

I read recently that after this real man of God had performed all he was sent here to do  and was taken away, he was doing intercession for God’s people.  Well, hadn’t he always been doing that?  Didn’t Moses do that too?

Messages sent by the Spirit are often sent to scoffers, as well as those who want to hear it.

I heard a renown lady teacher comment that God was a very strange entity; at least strange to our way of thinking.  He would send words of warning and admonishment by his messengers, to people and kingdoms, when He already knew they were not going to listen.  In some cases, we forget that He is merciful and slow to wrath.  He may send the message several times; that’s just His way.

One problem with many who have been called and appointed of God, is that we have been so indoctrinated with doctrine that did not originate with Him.

I only want to say this lightly, but when we have grown up from birth, being taught certain things, that our whole character might need changing.  It might seem trite, but there really is a huge difference in what man teaches and in what the Spirit and the Word teaches.  These traditions and commandments of men, are very hard to erase.

To those anointed and appointed by God for this time, you are not going to remain where you are forever.

A lot of our being may have to be changed and adjusted and refined, but there has been a purpose all along.  It was time for this real man of God to rise up and go toward the mission he had been called to do.

Never forget that this messenger was reaching out to God’s people.  And they fell on their faces, in true repentance.

There is also now, a remnant; that remnant will repent also.


~ Robert Blackburn

Robert Blackburn Robert Blackburn



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When The Brook Dries Up — 1 Comment

  1. Brother Robert, I am so blessed by your words. God will reward you abundantly. I hope we can talk personally with each other in heaven soon. Until then, keep the faith !
    And yes – people in these days need OFTEN remembrance. But they do not want to hear. Church hymns of the past Centuries, songs of thousands of years from the Bible (we had a church sermon series of songs in the Bible – there are many) must be “repeated”. Historical stories are written for ever and preached from pulpits, “boring” for many who already have heard them. Jews know the importance of repeating Holy Scriptures. But these end time Christians are so “proud”, so terrible proud. We know this. I must not and will repeat their arrogance. On “my” google+ page maybe I have to sound an alarm again, when the terror may start again. Do Christians really want to know that it is sometimes urgent to blow the alarm, or the shofar, when lives are in danger ? Does not even this world blow police horns and ambulance horns and fire horns, when LIFE is in danger ? Public sirens for all to hear. Last week we had a countrywide siren test, every year they do this war and emergency siren test, it was scary loud in different tunes, even the birds were scared.
    No one wanted that Jerusalem came up again after the enemies took it down. So in the warfare one part of GOD`s Army sang, some held hands up high, and others placed stone to stone to build up the the wall and the city again. Let us repeat what GOD wants us to be: Watchmen, and shofar blowers, and singers, and preachers, and LOVERS !

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