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  1. Brother Robert, I am so blessed by your words. God will reward you abundantly. I hope we can talk personally with each other in heaven soon. Until then, keep the faith !
    And yes – people in these days need OFTEN remembrance. But they do not want to hear. Church hymns of the past Centuries, songs of thousands of years from the Bible (we had a church sermon series of songs in the Bible – there are many) must be “repeated”. Historical stories are written for ever and preached from pulpits, “boring” for many who already have heard them. Jews know the importance of repeating Holy Scriptures. But these end time Christians are so “proud”, so terrible proud. We know this. I must not and will repeat their arrogance. On “my” google+ page maybe I have to sound an alarm again, when the terror may start again. Do Christians really want to know that it is sometimes urgent to blow the alarm, or the shofar, when lives are in danger ? Does not even this world blow police horns and ambulance horns and fire horns, when LIFE is in danger ? Public sirens for all to hear. Last week we had a countrywide siren test, every year they do this war and emergency siren test, it was scary loud in different tunes, even the birds were scared.
    No one wanted that Jerusalem came up again after the enemies took it down. So in the warfare one part of GOD`s Army sang, some held hands up high, and others placed stone to stone to build up the the wall and the city again. Let us repeat what GOD wants us to be: Watchmen, and shofar blowers, and singers, and preachers, and LOVERS !

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