Get Ready for Much More!


Holy Spirit says, “Lift up your eyes and See.  I have produced much MORE in you than you think, for I have Delighted Myself in you and through you,

You have truly and deeply blessed My heart, Beloved.  I have loved you with an everlasting Love.  I have danced and sung over you even when you are unaware!

I have been fully committed to you through the ups and the downs.  I have promised to bring to completion and bring to perfection that which I have started in you.

Yes, there is MORE, much much MORE that I AM doing and going to still do in you and for you.  I AM not finished with you yet, WATCH as I masterfully and skill-fully mould and shape, restore and heal every part of your being.

Beloved, trust Me when I say there is so much more Fruit to come.

My Spirit of Power, Might, Strength, Revelation, Wisdom, Knowledge and the Fear of the LORD is working in your life ALL of the time.  Much of what I AM doing you do not notice as I do a little bit here and a little bit there.

I prune here and I prune there a little.  I plant and I uproot.  I water and I weed.

Beloved Resist Discouragement, for I AM the God of the “SUDDENLYS,” and before you know, the More and the Much more fruit will come forth.  Everything under the sun is for an appointed time.  So do not give up, or grow weary, resist despondency and distraction, lean not on your own understanding, there is an appointed time for the abundance of fruit that is to come.

I AM the vinedresser.  All you have to do is let Me into your vineyard and I will do the rest.  My vineyard is a fruitful place lacking nothing, fruitful in every season.

I AM working all the time to make it so!

Now Trust Me!.  I AM the vinedresser and I know what is best for the vineyard,  I know how to make it produce what I want.  It is time to let Me into your vineyard and I will do it, REST AND BE REVIVED, BE STILL, I AM GOD IN YOUR LIFE.

I have created you to bear much fruit and fruit that will remain.  I will bring many into your fruitful Vineyard.  They will come and find refuge and safety, they will be filled and find satisfaction.

You will satisfy them with Me, as they drink from the Wells of My Spirit that I have placed in you,”  says God.


Blessings to you all.
~ by Veronika West

Veronika West Veronika West



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