The Holy Spirit Wants to Work!


There definitely appears to be a hunger that is growing among God’s people.

What we face in our world today, causes our spirit to know and feel that there is only one source that can help us.  But it’s not only about the carnal or the physical level, it is on a spiritual plane.

A growing and intense desire to see the fullness of that which was promised.  It’s been many years ago now that some of us were first exposed to the four Gospels, and the things Jesus did.

We know very well what power He gave his disciples; how they went around healing people, casting out devils and working such wonders, in His name.

The 2 chapter of Acts, was our birth place.  Even as little children, we heard of a promise.  That what prophet Joel had spoken and what Peter said on that day, was for us too.

It is a sure thing that the Spirit used others to tell us that all of those experiences were for us also.  We would have the power to do the things that they did.  It was a promise and all of us loved it dearly.

In our first years, it never even occurred to our people that we would have anything less.  We had the same Spirit, the same power as those men and women had.  It was written, and Jesus himself had declared it to those there on that day, and to us also.

What kind of spiritual experience would we have, if we did not have it all?

I feel led to say that we don’t discuss whatever it was that stopped us from reaching the spiritual level we thought we would.  The truth is, that we never arrived; not to the full extent of what we were to be.

However, no one will ever cause many of us to deny that we did begin well.  Even as children, we saw people healed and demons cast out.  All of the ministries were presented to us; we were well on our way.

God sent messengers throughout our midst, even in the 80’s, to proclaim something to us.  The Spirit spoke through them to tell us, that there were Elijahs and Daniels among us; there were Davids and Samuels sitting right in our midst.  Reports of healings of all kinds were passed on; depths in the Spirit we had longed for.

You see, the Spirit, wants to work.  He wants to manifest himself among people who need him, and want him.  Have we forgotten, the awesome and powerful ways He can move; how He can do more in a moment, than we could in a life time?

What about how it feels, when the Holy Ghost moves in us and among us?  There is no other experience that is greater than that.  I cannot express today how I love the moving of His Spirit.  Nothing else, can compare to this.

God had a plan all along.  Can we not see that way back, even in the early days of our lives, He was already at work?

There were many, that were called and anointed, before they even took their first breath on their own.  Just the thought of laying hands on those who were sick, and see them recover; how mighty that truly was.

To see people delivered of all manner of diseases and evil spirits, cripples walking, deaf souls beginning to hear, blind eyes to see.

It was our heritage; it was a promise.  Baptized, in the Holy Ghost.

Hear this.  There was a witch of Endor.  Saul disguised himself and had her call up Samuel from the dead.  The spirit of Samuel actually appeared and spoke with Saul.  How could this be?

There is so much to the realm of the Spirit that we could know; so much deeper and greater we could be and were meant to be.  It’s a fact, that the Spirit is drawing us today; reviving us, reminding us and stirring a deep yearning to feel and see Him move.

It is growing more, across the entire Body.  It is the Holy Ghost moving; not us.


~ Robert Blackburn

Robert Blackburn Robert Blackburn



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