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Get Ready for Strategies from Heaven — 3 Comments

  1. Powerful Encouraging Word
    Love the Wording of it
    Much in ways
    HE has been telling Me
    Yes Lord Yes
    I ‘Receive from YOU

    ( thank you
    Blessings to You )

  2. Dear Doug, I just watched your Small Things Release. I am 87 and am now doing art work with words from the Lord on Greeting Cards. They are so well received. Thank You for your word from the Lord. Another thing, I had been getting your word from the Lord every day but now I am not getting it and every time I try to enter my email I never hear from you? I would love to receive your word for the day. Sincerely Carol Morrow

    • Your Art work sounds Wonderful/Uplifting
      Lord bless you with all you need
      and more longevity and good health/provisions/protection
      You are Living HIS WORD

      Psalms 92:14
      “They WILL STILL Bear Fruit in old age
      They WILL STAY ‘FRESH & GREEN’ !!”

      I say Later Years not old age lol
      I always say I’m getting Younger !!

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