Get Ready, My People!


He says this morning,  “Many changes are coming and they are coming quickly.  Wait upon Me and you shall mount up with wings like eagles.

I AM on the move, quickly now I AM coming with fire to burn down the enemy’s camp.  He thinks he has something over Me, but he will see how wrong he is as I burn down his camp.

Those who have been on his side will see Me and be aghast with fright wondering what to do.  I will spare nothing . If you belong to Me you will soar with Me.  You are Mine and I love you, don’t ever forget that, only open your eyes to see the fullness of who I really am.

Changes, many changes, the rising of My people has begun, and they will be unstoppable as they march for Me.  They will rise like never before, like the world has never seen, free in Me… walking free… walking tall and strong they are, following My lead.

I have a way planned that will stun many, setting the earth off its axis.  Watch and see…watch and see.  I will do exploits and you will, too.  It’s time to take your place and ready yourself to be catapulted out for Me.  Rising high for the world to see, walking unafraid for they know their Commander in Chief, their God, their King.

Stay close, for the fields they are ripe for harvest.”

I have written this in obedience to our Lord…..


God Bless You, you are in my prayers
~ Celeste Dewey

Celeste DeweyCeleste Dewey




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