Do YOU determine the times and seasons?


Who determines the times and seasons?  Is it man?  Can man change the phase of the moon?  Can he cause the progression from winter to spring?  Although evil men have sought to tamper with such things, it is still I who speaks the word and it is done.  This is My creation and I AM ruler over it all.

I tell the sun when to rise in the morning and it is I who tell it when to return to shadows in the evening.  Everything I have created is in order.  This is My way.

What is man the he should seek to stand based on this own self perceived righteousness?  Who is he that he should determine to infringe on sovereign territory?

They seek to alter and therefore improve upon My creation.  Like the one who is guiding them, they seek to pervert My creation into something of their own making.  Yet these who smirk at their own wisdom will be exposed as foolish and wicked.

They fill a thimble with knowledge and pour it into the vast ocean that is My own.  They know not the ramifications of their actions.  When they view the grand tapestry that is My creation they see only a few strings.  They pull them, cut them, tie different strings together then stand back and marvel at what they call, “their creation.”

In their ignorance they bring only destruction and desolation.  They know not the grand tapestry nor could they comprehend it if it were revealed unto them.  I will not bless that which is conceived in willful pride.  In fact, I stand opposed to it and to the futile work of their hands.

As desolation plunges this land into famine their folly will be apparent to all.  While they have sought to genetically resist the forces of My creation and thus make a profit, they will discover that My creation will not tolerate such wickedness.  I AM the Creator and My creation was constructed according to My design.  Theirs simply will not work.

I speak of much more than plant life and food.  Wicked men seek to control and manipulate every work of My hands.  No matter how much they progress in their wickedness to them it is never enough.  They are insatiable in their pursuits as they seek to replace Me.  Even now they seek to delve into other dimensions and alternate universes.

To Me they appear as children who have receive their first science kit.  They mix and combine the various elements having no idea of the impact or outcome.  The one who guides them promises great hidden knowledge even as he licks his chops like the ravenous wolf that he is.  He will receive his fill of blood and it is these wished and foolish men who aid him in doing so.  In the process they are demonstrating to the world that their wickedness is only surpassed by their foolishness.

Hell is coming to the face of the earth and it is at man’s invitation.

Only once it comes, it will not be turned back until the end of the age.  Woe unto the inhabitants of the earth!  The devil is cast down and he has cast off all constraints. His contempt for all mankind will be manifest in new ways in these coming days.  Not even his ambassadors and rulers will be exempt to his rage.

Woe to the inhabitants of the earth, for the earth itself will open beneath their feet and they will peer into the abyss.  For the wicked it will be a glimpse at their eternal destination.  Their attempts to avert their eyes from it will be futile.  Their nostrils will be assaulted with the putrid stench of this place until its presence invades their every thought.  Yet even with this understanding they will not repent.  The devil has reserved his most wicked spells for them and they will not escape.  I laugh at their supposed “secret knowledge” even as I thwart their evil plans.

This time is like no other in history.  It is a time of unimaginable sorrows for all those who refuse to put their faith in Me…  and for what?  What is the mortal life that men should cling to it so tightly?  Only in Me do men trade the desperate downward spiral of death and decay for life eternal.  Only those who die to self will live.

Now to My people I say, do not tire in the waiting.  It may seem as though you have waited forever but a time of breakthrough is coming.  It is of paramount importance that you do not give up.  Like a raging river, this world’s system is slowly eating away at its banks.

Likewise, those who position themselves on the outer edges will be swept away in its current.  This is not a season to stand on the fringes.  You must be grounded in Me and surrounded by the body.  There are those among you who seek solitude but what they will experience is isolation.  The devil is looking is searching for those who have separated themselves from My flock.  Though they belong to Me they have left the protection of My fold and they are particularly vulnerable.

Likewise, do not abandon or give up on the weak.  You are called to protect them so that their faith may become strong.  If you use the imperfections of the church as a justification for abandoning it you are only proving that you have forgotten your own imperfections.  I have called you to be ambassadors to the lost and the church is full of them.  Show compassion in the face of their ignorance and speak truth to them from a loving heart.  I will do the necessary sifting.

Many among you have allowed despair to slip in.  You have pinned your hopes and expectation on the words of men (including the words of My prophets) and when they have not come to pass in the way you anticipated you have given way to doubt.  I advise you to hold fast.  The words that have been spoken by My anointed shall come to pass in My time.  Do not follow in the example of these wicked men who seek to manipulate My creation, My purposes and even My seasons.

Do not tire of doing good.  Ask Me to soften your heart so that I may continue My work in you.  When you tire draw near to Me and you will receive rest.  My yoke is easy and My burden is light.  Lay down your burdens and in their place take up My own.  This is a season of preparation.  I tarry for those who have come in late.  Know that time is short before the next shifting of the seasons.

In the meantime use the time that remains wisely.  Prepare your provisions but above all else, prepare your hearts.


~ Mitch Salmon

Mitch SalmonMitch Salmon fisher of men iconis the founder of Fisher of Men Productions and  a follower of Jesus Christ and proclaimer of the Good News – The Gospel of Christ Jesus!

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