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Get Ready to Be Amazed! — 4 Comments

  1. I’m setting here trying too think of words to Express this message in graduated,,,a word comes in mind, “Perfection”…No it’s much more then that, “Awesomeness”…No much greater then that…”Magnificent”… that’s an understatement…. Ahh… I got it…GOD’S LOVE…bullseye.


  2. Awesome Abba Daddy. I say Yes, Yes, Yes, indeed so. Bring it on, am waiting expectantly for you to fulfill your promises to me. Glory, this is so Good, Good, Good
    as I delight Greatly in thy words this day, for I know it is Now at hand. Hallelujah !
    Thanks be to God !! Here I am waiting for you. I love you !

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