God Hates a Liar! — 1 Comment

  1. I had such spiders at my last job, and I experienced, they laid many traps, through hidden angry gossip, and when it comes to the light, they are the liars par excellance, who even swear by the heads of their dead families and more wicked hokus pokus. They are very busy to spin a web, they run and run and when you confront them, they are only for a short time in agony, before they want to spring forth to destroy or to rescue their job. Sadly it looks like I lost that battle, BUT GOD… GOD will bring me to a better destination. The 2 past months were similar to what Jesus experienced:
    HE came to His people, but they rejected Him…. On Palm Sunday they celebrated Him – and just 1 week later they screamed: “Crucify Him !”.
    Anyway – I came out of the net !!!

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